What Causes Sagging Skin? Natural Remedies to Tighten Loose Skin

What causes sagging skin? What can we do to delay and reduce wrinkles?

Learn the main causes of loose skin, 5 natural DIY remedies and my favorite skin care devices to tighten the skin and minimize lines.

Sagging skin is one of those annoying things that intensifies as we get older.

If you are in search of solutions to tighten facial skin and firm your skin, understanding why is happening is the first step towards a tighter complexion.

Skin sagging is one of the signs in the inevitable skin aging process.

Both aging types, extrinsic and intrinsic (chronological), influence the loss of firmness and the sagging of the skin.

Causes and remedies sagging skinHow to tighten sagging skin with natural remedies

Other related causes are:

  • Hormones - More accentuated in woman due to the menopause, and the reduction of estrogen.

  • Environmental factors such as pollution and exposition to ultraviolet radiations.

  • Renovation of the cells - The cells start to renew more slowly, and the cells in the dermis stop making collagen and elastin like before. These proteins lose elasticity, and there is a loss of density in the epidermis.

  • Loss of fat tissue - The fat in the subcutaneous layers is reduced, and the epidermis begins to sag.

  • Shrinking bones - As we age the bones change in contour making us look older.

Other factors that influence loose skin:

Loose saggy skin is also due to bad habits such as:

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol

  • Poor diet

  • Stress

  • Lack of exercise

  • Lack of sleep

5 Remedies to Tighten Sagging Skin Naturally

Now that you know what causes sagging skin, use these remedies to help you firm up your skin:

Tighten Sagging SkinMassage to tighten the skin

1. A deep tissue facial massage will help to tighten loose skin by reattaching the skin to the bones.

This sagging skin treatment is temporary and is recommended once a month.

2. This homemade facial mask will help with loose skin, but please be constant if you want to see an improvement.

Take 3 spoons of natural yogurt, add two spoons of oats and two spoons of grated orange.

Mix everything until consistent, apply and remove after 20 minutes.

Oranges are rich in vitamin c, which helps to increase collagen and delay premature aging skin.

3. Blend a small cucumber, mix it with one spoon of powder milk and one egg white.

Apply on both face & neck for 10 minutes.

Next remove with the help of water.

Ideal to firm loose skin and tighten a sagging neck.

4. Get rid of loose skin - Blend a piece of pineapple and mix it with one spoon of powder milk until consistent.

Apply over the skin for 15 minutes.

Rinse off with warm water.

5. Mix natural yogurt with few strawberries and a vitamin e capsule.

Apply over sagging skin and allow 15 minutes to work.

Afterwards you can remove it with tepid water.

3 At Home Skin Lifting & Tightening Devices

At home skin lifting machines are a very popular choice among those who want to lift their skin without resorting to cosmetic surgery.

The results vary from person to person but is worth investing in one or two and use them often.

Please be aware that the results will vary from person to person depending on the condition of your skin and how you follow the instructions.

Is worth complementing the devices with skin care products that help lift and tighten the skin.

Another plus is that they are cheaper than beauty salon treatments and you can use them from the comfort of your own home while watching your favorite TV programs.

Below you will find 3 of my favorite skin care devices.

1. La Goodwin PH-1 Portable Skin Care Device

This skin care device comes with 3 interchangeable lights: red, yellow and blue.

The red light is to stimulate collagen production and boost elasticity.

The blue light kills the bacteria that causes acne and prevents breakouts.

It also helps to tighten the skin.

The yellow light is to reduce sensitive skin.

Gets rid of dull skin and pigmentation.

2. New Spa D'Ansonval High Frequency Home Use Device

The portable home frequency machine is effective to tighten the skin, eliminate acne, reduce cellulite, diminish eye bags/dark circles & prevent hair loss by stimulating the scalp.

Is easy to use but have some contraindications so please read the safety information before placing an order.

3. Au Fait 5 Treatments in One Skin Care Home Machine

This device incorporates 5 treatments:

  • Galvanic electrical tissue stimulation (ETS) to boost collagen and elasticity.  
  • Mesoporation opens channels in the cells to carry agents into the skin.
  • Electroporation to carry skin care products deep into the skin's layers.
  • Radiofrequency (RF) for the production of new collagen.
  • Light emitting diode (LED) to kill bacteria, improve sun damaged skin and reduce wrinkles.

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