What Are The Benefits of Calcium for The Skin & Body? Deficiency & Top Foods

Here you are going to find out what are the benefits of calcium and the most usual symptoms of its deficiency regarding health and skin, but first let's find out some facts about this mineral. 

Calcium, with atomic number 20 and symbol Ca is a chemical element with an atomic mass of 40.078 amu. It also holds forth as the fifth most abundant material in the earth’s crust and also the fifth most dissolved ion as far as seawater is concerned.

It also happens to be the most plentiful of the materials found in the bones and shells of animals. Moreover, technically speaking, the movement of calcium ions in and out of the cytoplasm is the prime mover for several cellular activities.

Symptoms Of Calcium DeficiencyCalcium supplements dosage

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency

The body has its own ways or symptoms, which inform you immediately when calcium deficiency occurs. Ca is an indispensable nutrient and contributes to healthy bones and teeth, regular heartbeat, blood clots and helps in conducting nervous impulses in an orderly manner.

The first symptoms of its deficiency will be manifest as some of the problems bellow:

  • Muscle Cramps
  • Dry skin
  • Brittle Nails
  • Cramping and uneven menstrual cycles

Bone fractures - Such deficiencies should be dealt with immediately by the addition of calcium-rich foods into your diet or by going in for an adequate Ca supplement, after consulting your doctor.

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Calcium Side Effects

Normal or adequate levels of Ca will keep your bones; teeth, nails and nervous system intact, but excessive calcium can have negative effects like kidney stone, toxicity and adverse reactions with other medicines. if you have high levels of this mineral in your blood is called hypercalcaemia.

Low calcium levels will lead to osteoporosis, muscle contraction, constipation. If you have low levels of Ca in your blood is called hypocalcaemia, which if left untreated could lead to more severe diseases.

Taking Calcium Supplements

Only take calcium supplements if you think you have a deficiency and always under your doctor's supervision. It is reported that those above 50 will need 1200 mg per day while those under 50 will require only 1000 mg per day.

Always read the supplement label. For more information about calcium supplements visit Mayo clinicIn case you are thinking about taking Ca supplements it is recommended that your consult your doctor before as maybe this is not the right thing to do for you.

Best Food Sources of Calcium

Calcium is found aplenty in dairy products, tofu, orange juice, green leafy vegetables, and broccoli.

Top 7 Benefits of Calcium for Skin

What does calcium do for your skin?

It provides several advantages to the skin, including dead cell removal, protecting DNA damage with anti-oxidants, and lipid barrier functions.

Benefits of Calcium for skin and health. Calcium deficiency symptoms, foods, supplements and skin care productsUse calcium skin care products to prevent dry skin and wrinkles

Though the advantages of calcium with regard to bone and tooth care and in soothing of the nerves, are well known how many of you are aware of its positive role in the protection and maintenance of your skin?

1. Since calcium occupies a large mass between your body materials, the symptoms of its deficiency can cause itching, skin dryness, wrinkling and sometimes, God forbid, even lead to skin cancer.

2. Another important factor is that, if you develop a deficiency in your body, the system will steal Ca from your bones and teeth as replenishment, leaving those areas to weaken and suffer.

3. Cold weather conditions will result in dry skin, and intake of the correct dosage of this mineral will ward off these problems due to the protective level it offers the epidermal tissues in the skin against the harsh weather conditions.

4. Moreover, adequate levels of calcium will ensure proper cell turnover to enable the skin to renew on its own, and create the protective lipid barriers.

5. Although is not anti-oxidant it plays a major role in the production of anti-oxidants like catalase, and is responsible for preventing DNA damage and protecting your skin texture.

6. Still, another great feature of this mineral is, when found in adequate quantities; it soothes the nervous system, to reduce the stress in general, which is good for the skin. It also considerably reduces the risk of damage to elastin and collagen.

7. Several other fancy facial treatments like topical calcium – yogurt face masks and combinations of strawberry, honey and banana with yogurt masks are said to provide excellent protection to the skin.

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