Vitamin C Benefits for Skin & Body | DIY Vitamin C Serum Recipe & Top Foods

What are vitamin C benefits for the skin and body?

One of the top benefits is helping to protect the cells from the damage caused by free radicals and certain diseases related to them.

Below you will find the top health benefits, deficiency symptoms, top foods, recommended dose, 10 skin care benefits and a simple DIY vitamin C serum recipe.

This essential nutrient is water-soluble and because our bodies can't produce it so we have get it from our diet.

Now let us find out what other health benefits are derived from this amazing antioxidant:

  • It plays a vital role in the synthesis of collagen, which is a protein found in connective tissue, and the main component in tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, bones and teeth.
  • It also helps the body to fight infection, boosting our immune system and fighting off flu and colds.
  • Plays a role in wound healing.
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Helps with the absorption of iron, which is necessary for the formation of red globules in the blood.
  • Helps to lower high blood pressure.
  • Is used to prevent degenerative diseases like cataracts, heart conditions and cancer.
Best foods with vitamin c contentAdd vitamin C foods to your diet if you want to have healthy skin & hair

Its deficiency could lead to:

  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Scurvy
  • Lack of energy
  • Weak immune system
  • Poor digestion
  • Poor skin and hair condition

The recommended daily allowance of vitamin c is 60 mg, but in any case it is advised that we shouldn't take more than 2000 mg a day. Consult a health practitioner if you are in any doubt. If you are a smoker or drinker, taking ester c will be a bonus for your health.

It is better taken from raw foods, but if you are cooking the food, it will be of more benefit if is steamed or boiled just for a few minutes to preserve nutrients.

Some people don't get enough of this nutrient from their diet, plus is easily expelled from our system. If this is your case you need to consult your doctor to see if you need to take a supplement. 

Does Vitamin C Work for Wrinkles? Top 10 Skin Care Benefits

What are the benefits of vitamin c for your face and can this great antioxidant help to improve aging skin?

Top vitamin C serum benefits for skin. DIY vitamin C serum for the face to prevent wrinkles and brighten the skin.Use vitamin C serums to get a healthier and glowing complexion

1. Vitamin C and collagen - Ascorbic acid is very important for the skin. Not only helps to synthesize collagen and elastin, boosting the skin's elasticity and firmness, but also helps to repair some of the damage caused by external, factors such as sun, pollution and smoke.

2. It also helps to reduce skin pigmentation (brown spots) improving the skin's texture and tone.

3. Many skin care companies now incorporate ascorbic acid in their formulas. It has great antioxidant power, helping to reduce skin wrinkles caused by free radicals and environmental factors.

4. Also using an ester c vitamin night cream will improve your skin's texture while you sleep. Serums containing this vitamin do an excellent job at renewing the skin.

Vitamin C serums are a MUST if you want to keep the skin brighter, younger and lighter. TruSkin Naturals is an amazing organic vitamin C serum which incorporates effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin e that will leave the skin radiant, smooth and rejuvenated.

5. It can also help skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and psoriasis due to its inflammatory and wound healing properties.

6. It helps to get rid of dull skin, brightening your complexion and restoring a healthy glow.

7. Prevents stretch marks. Apply your usual vitamin C serum for the face on your stretch marks. Give it time to work and they will start to get lighter and even dissappear.

8.Eating foods high in vitamin C is good to achieve healthier and stronger hair. A lack of this vitamin can result in thinner and weaker hair.

9.  Topical vitamin c can help speed up healing of the skin when burns or wounds occur due to its regenerating properties.

10. Vitamin C serum helps to minimize the appearance of pores.

When choosing creams with vitamin c always check the expired date, especially the ones containing ascorbic acid, as sometimes can became oxidized.

You will notice this if it appears to have a yellowish color, normally darker than the tone of the cream. Sometimes you can notice this yellowish color in the top part of the jar, around the lid or bottle neck.

Easy DIY Vitamin C Serum (5 simple steps)

To make a simple DIY serum at home with vitamin C follow these easy steps:

1. Place an aspirin in distilled/mineral water (1 spoon) and crush it.

2. Add 3 more spoons of distilled/mineral water.

3. Mix well

4. Add 2 spoons of glycerin and mix well.

5. Transfer to a glass dark bottle with dropper.

Make sure to use it only at night to prevent interference with sunlight. Don't forget to shake the bottle before each use.

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