12 Great Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes & Reduce Under Eye Puffiness & Bags 

Here you will find tips on how to get rid of puffy eyes, reduce eye bags and under eye puffiness in the morning.

You should be aware that finding a definitive cure to reduce the swelling around the eyes without the help of a specialized treatment is tricky because if is caused by the build up of fat, no amount of eye cream is going to eliminate puffy eyes completely.


How to get rid of puffy eyes and eye bags using effective DIY home remedies and treatments.Prevent and reduce puffy eyes with home remedies, treatments & exercises

As soon as you start noticing this rather annoying problem you should start looking for a solution because is not something that goes away easily and on the contrary, it tends to increase with age.

You could try some of the exclusive products that exist in the market or a homemade remedy, but be aware that although they will help, many of these solutions will be short lived.

What Are the Causes for Puffy Eyes?

You must know that this puffiness is normally attributed to accumulation of fat in the area of the eyes, which is a direct consequence of the weakening of the septum around your eyeball.

As a result, the fat in your socket sinks forward giving the impression of bags under your eyes.

However, it would be advisable to check and confirm with a doctor that this condition is not due to a larger medical problem alluding to thyroid or kidney, excess salt intake, excessive cigarette smoking or food sensitivities.

But, let us not forget that the main causes of puffy bags under the eyes are related to the process of aging, sadly making people appear older.

This condition also gives you a tired look and can affect self-confidence.

Some other causes of puffiness are attributed to sleeping position, hormonal imbalance, allergies, underlying medical conditions, and alcohol consumption.

12 Home Remedies & Treatments to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Among the most popular treatments for fixing puffy eyes open to you are the medical options, serums, herbal home remedies and surgical procedure.


Get rid of puffy eyes with 12 natural DIY home remedies & solutions.How to get rid of puffy eyes with tips and homemade eye remedies

Let us explore them one by one:

1. Several serums made from Aloe Vera , and cucumber extracts are found highly effective for treating puffy bags under your eyes, especially because of the cooling effects they offer, which has a positive effect on considerably reducing the impact of the puffy bags.

These products, cannot eradicate under eye bags, but can provide great alleviation to the discomfort and discoloration under your eyes.

2. Home remedies that you could try is the application of an ice-water compress; alternatively cold milk over your closed eyelids for about 20 minutes to cool your eyes.

3. Similar treatments are also known to be done with an equal mixture of rose water, and witch hazel soaked in cotton.

4. Using round refrigerated slices of cucumber, apple, melon or potato on your eyes contribute to the vegetable's treatment of the puffy bags.

5. Consume diuretic foods to help you eliminate excess water.

Consume more celery, beetroot, green  tea, parsley, asparagus, melon, cucumber, onions and garlic.

6. Apply few crushed mint leaves over the puffy area.

Leave 10 minutes.

Good to reduce puffiness and refresh the skin.

7. Another tip comes from making drastic changes in your lifestyle, avoiding many of the items, which are prohibited for your conditions like smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee are considered vital. 

8. Additionally, you must have good sleep patterns and eat a balanced healthy and nutritious diet and drink healthy fluids such as water daily, to ensure proper hydration in order to reduce the eye bags.

Rest is imperative under these conditions and a good sleep of 7 to 8 hours will definitely alleviate your problems of eye bags.

On the other hand, sometimes over sleeping can also be a cause for puffy eyes in the morning.

9. Among the medical cures, you have the expensive treatments including skin peels and laser resurfacing, which are credited with tightening the skin and improving its tone.

10. Another popular option is to apply moisturizing haemorrhoid creams under your eyes, as this will help to tighten the skin and reduce the puffiness that can appear in the morning.

11. Rather than lying flat on your back, using an extra pillow may give you some relief by preventing the fluids from accumulating under the eyes when you sleep.

12. Only when you have exhausted all the foregoing avenues for reducing the puffy bags under the eyes should you consider meeting your doctor for his advice on the surgical option, which is called Blepharoplasty.

This is a treatment where the surgeon removes the fluids under your eyes through a surgical procedure.

If you choose to follow this path, don't take it lightly and make sure that you consult an experienced surgeon who can give you all the information about this procedure and the expected results.

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5 Facial Exercises for Under Eye Bags

Do face exercises for eye bags work?

Yes, they can be effective but you have to be constant if you want to see an improvement.

Practice these exercises every day to improve bags under eyes, dark circles and wrinkles.

Puffy Under Eyes

You will have better results if you practice them twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Do as many repetitions as you feel comfortable with, but try to do more repetitions as you get used to, and your eye muscles get stronger.

1. Diminish Under Eye Bags

With your eyes open, place two fingers at both sides of the eyes.

Push only the lower eyelid up without moving the upper eyelid.

Do it in small slow movements.

You will feel how the muscle surrounding the eye area is working because of the pulses in you fingers.

Repeat twenty times.

2- Smooth Under Eye Area

Close your eyes.

Placing two fingers at the top of the nose bridge try to look up.

Maintain the eyes closed at all times.

Your head should be still while doing this eye exercise.

Do it 20 times.

3- Reduce Hooded Eyes

With your eyes open place the index fingers on the upper eyelids, stretching the skin up.

Try to close the eyes, while opposing to the movement with your fingers.

Watch that there are not wrinkles in your face when doing this under eye bag exercise.

Repeat 20 times.

4- Open Up the Eyes

Try to open wide your eyes and close them while your forehead remains still.

Prevent eye wrinkles by placing one or two fingers at each side of the eyes.

Repeat twenty five times.

5- Firm Your Upper Lid

Look up with your eyes without moving your head.

In this position squint fast with the upper lid for fifty times.

As your eyes get stronger you will be able to do more repetitions.

Do as many as you feel comfortable with.

It is very important not to form wrinkles in other parts of your face as you perform this exercise.

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