Skin Care in the Elderly | Senior Skin Care Tips

Skin care in the elderly is important to prevent many of the senior skin conditions that can appear at this age.

It doesn't need to be complicated, just by following some simple advice and tips you will be giving your skin a chance to look its best. 

There are many things senior citizens can do to care for their skin, from homemade remedies to relaxing spa treatments

If you belong to this age group give your skin the attention it deserves to avoid dermatologist problems.

Most Common Skin Problems in the Elderly

A great percentage of senior people develop dermatologist problems such as:

  • Itching
  • Infections
  • Eczema
  • Allergic reactions

These skin conditions occur because elderly skin has less defenses, making it more vulnerable to external agressions such as cold, wind and sunlight.

Other characteristics of elderly skin are:

  • The skin is thinner
  • The production of collagen and elastin is reduced 
  • The skin becomes dryer
  • Wrinkles are more pronounced

Don't take your skin for granted and if you suffer any kind of skin condition or have concerns about your skin go to a dermatologist.

Agents Influencing Skin Problems in the Elderly

Here you have some external factors and agents that can influence elderly skin:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Cold
  • Excessive heat
  • Dry air
  • Wind
  • Friction

12 Tips for Skin Care in the Elderly

If you want to prevent certain skin conditions or simply want to give your skin the best possible care you could try some of the tips below.

Skin Care In The Elderly

1. Massaging the skin is really important to stimulate blood circulation. This can be done with an spa treatment or at home with the help of essential oils for mature skin.

2. Use a mild soap with a neutral PH. Normal soaps and shower gels will strip the skin of its natural oils.

3. Washing with warm water instead of hot water is important in skin care for elderly to avoid dry skin.

4. If you are having a bath, make it short and add bath oils.

5. Pat dry every part of the body very well.

6. Use a humidifier in the bedroom especially in winter because of the heat from radiators.

7. Avoid clothes with fabrics that can irritate the skin such as wool and polyester.

Skin Care for the  Elderly

8. Use a moisturizer with natural skin care ingredients every day, especially after the shower. Don’t forget the neck, hands and feet. Applying a moisturizer will help smooth over the skin and reduce itching.

9. Use anti aging skin care products to take care of aging skin.

10. Avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol in excess.

11. Drink water, take some kind of gentle exercise such as walking or swimming and eat a healthy diet.

12.Is never too late to give some love to your skin, no matter your age group. If you want to find out treatments for mature and aging skin read facial treatments for wrinkles.

5 Natural Homemade Treatments for Elderly Skin

1. Good to Hydrate and Rejuvenate the Skin

Blend two carrots with natural yogurt and one spoon olive oil.  

Place on the skin and leave 20 minutes. 

Wash with mineral water.

Pat dry and apply a moisturizer.

Mature Skin Care

2. Good for Aged Skin

Blend a handful of almonds with two spoons of organic honey.

Apply to the skin you want to treat for 15 minutes. 

Wash with tepid or mineral water.

Apply an anti aging skin care moisturizer.

3. Good for Lines And Wrinkles

Mix natural orange juice with camomile and honey.

Apply over the skin until is absorbed.

Rinse off with mineral water.

Apply an anti wrinkle cream.

4. Good for Dry Skin

Mix a mashed banana with a mashed avocado.

Add few drops of cream and apply it to the face or body.

Leave to work 10 minutes and use water to take it off.

Apply a moisturizer for dry skin.

5. Good for Deep Wrinkles

Mash a boiled potato and mix it with few drops of lemon.

Apply over the skin for about ten minutes.

Rinse off with mineral water.

Apply an anti wrinkle moisturizer. 

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