Anti Aging Skin Care Gadgets Review, Which One Is Best?

There are many at home skin care gadgets that promise to give consumers what they are looking for: better texture, tighter skin and less wrinkles, but how we know which one is going to work?

At Home Skin Care Gadgets Review

I decided to try 3 of these devices to see for myself what's the truth about their claims.This is about my own experience with three anti aging gadgets which I personally tried for one month each.

Probably one month is not long enough to decide whether a device is effective or not, but it can give you an idea on how it works and what to expect in the long run.

The anti aging devices in question are Tripollar Stop, Tua Trend and Facemaster.

Keep reading to discover my experience and to decide if they are right for you.

1. Tripollar Stop Review

The manufacturer claims that this anti wrinkle device will tighten and firm the skin, greatly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the skin's texture.

How the Tripollar Stop works? It works by using advanced Radio Frequency technology, heating the deeper layers of the skin, boosting collagen production and thickening the dermis.

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I must say that I have mixed feelings about this one. After using it for once month every other day my skin is glowing, the fine lines are less obvious and my skin looks in better condition, but I still didn't notice the improvement I was looking for in the lower part of my face.

I have been reading other reviews and for most of them the results reported are positive, so I need to use it for a longer period of time to achieve better results.

Based on my experience these are the cons and pros I see with the Tripollar Stop anti aging device:


1- If your problem is sagging skin you will need to persevere and give it time to see better results.

2- You need to keep buying the stop preparation gel which adds to the price.

3- If you are looking for a bargain, this is probably not the device for you.


1- Easy to use with a lovely warm feeling.

2- It can be used to rejuvenate the face, neck and hands.

3- Improves skin texture and fades fine lines.

4- Cheaper than Botox injections or other salon treatments using the same technology.

5- If you are not satisfied, it comes with a money back guarantee 

If you want to write a review about skin care gadgets you have tried please use this form and I will post it here.

2. Tua Trend Review

The second device is called Tua Trend.

I bought this device with great anticipation after watching the videos and reading the great anti aging skin care reviews.

The manufacturer claims that the Tua Viso is a non-surgical facelift machine that works by using microcurrent waves, targeting the less-used facial muscles to tone and lift them again.

This device comes with 5 programs that can be used to treat different facial areas.

It can be used in the face, jaw line and parts of the neck.

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Tua Trend Anti Aging Device

This is a small device that works with a battery which you need to recharge often to keep the Tua Trend working. It comes with a facial wand with 2 probes covered in sponges.

You need to moisten the sponges with tap water before using them.

After you switch on the machine and set your program the wand is placed over the area you want to treat. You can choose the intensity of the program.

You will feel the muscles underneath contracting and the higher the intensity the more you will notice the contraction.

My experience with Tua Trend is not what I thought it would be. I have used this device every day for one month.

The thing I noticed while using it is that if I set the device to a higher intensity the contractions made my skin twitch so much that the wrinkles and creases were more noticeable.

And if the intensity was lower the contraction wasn't hard enough to make a difference.

The only improvement I noticed was a glowing complexion, mostly due to the increased blood flow to my face. I decided that the Tua Trend was not for me as I was noticing deeper wrinkles after each use.

I have read lots of reviews about the skin care gadgets Tua Viso and Tua Trend and many of them are positive, but my experience was not.

However, it’s up to you if you want to try it and write a review here to talk about your experience and I will post it on this page.


1- It takes time to learn about the different programs and how to position the probes.

2- It takes a great deal of time to complete both sides of the face.

3- It requires commitment and perseverance.

4- No immediate results.

5- It’s uncomfortable.


1- It leaves your face with a glowing, rosy complexion.

2- You don't need to buy a conductive gel as this works with tap water.

3- The Tua Viso can be bought in America from Amazon, but I haven't found the Tua Trend. The Tua Trend website is from the UK.

4- The customer support is good and as long as you follow their return policy. You shouldn’t encounter any problem when returning the device.

5- It has a 90 day return guarantee.

To find out more about Tua Trend and Tua Viso skin care gadgets go to

OK, this review is longer than I was expecting. I hope you are still with me as I'm going to review my last and most preferred skin care device.

3. Facemaster Review

This is one of the best skin care gadgets I have tried. Is called Facemaster Facial Toning System and it was brought to the market by US celebrity Suzanne Somers in conjunction with Dr Peter Hanson.

The manufacturer claims that this device generates micro-currents of electricity, helping to stimulate the facial muscles that will result in a tightening effect.

My experience with the Facemaster has been great so far. The latest Facemaster platinum machine comes with a conductive gel, finger wands, foam caps and instructional DVD.

I have been using it for one month every day and because I'm happy with the results I'm getting I have decided to make it part of my skin care routine from now on. It’s easy to use once you watch the DVD.

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Facemaster Review

You need to attach the 2 probes to the machine, place the small caps on each probe and dip the probes into the conductive gel. Chose the intensity and you are ready to go.

Place the wands on the area you want to work first, and you will feel a current that goes from very mild to strong, depending on the intensity.

With continued use you will start to notice improvements. It can be used to improve facial areas such as the eyes, cheeks, forehead, brows, jaw line and mouth. It’s great to diminish wrinkles, aging and sagging skin.

I just to have CACI treatments at the salon that cost me £50.00 for 55 minutes and if you think about it, the Facemaster is a cheaper investment for the skin. 

The reviews I read prior buying this anti-aging device were mostly good and people who have tried this product often go to the forums to post their experiences.

If you have tried the Facemaster, Tua Trend, Tripollar Stop or other skin care gadgets and would like to review it, please feel free to do so through this form. It will be published here.


1- You need to keep buying the conductive gel which will add to the overall cost of the machine. One thing you can do is use Aloe Vera gel instead.

2- The amount of time it can take. Suzanne Somers does it in little time, but it takes longer for me.

3- It can be uncomfortable until you get used to the tingling sensation.

4- It only offers a 30 day refund guarantee.


1- Easy to set up and use.

2- Leaves the skin with a lovely texture.

3- Over time, it will help with facial problem areas.

4- Greatly improves sagging areas.

5- Cheaper than a facelift, cosmetic injections or salon treatments.

6- It works with a standard 9 volt battery, so there’s no need to plug it into the power mains and will operate the same in all countries.

7- Ideal to take it with you if you are traveling.

The following video is one of my favorites anti aging skin care reviews about the Facemaster. Have a look at how Sherryele uses the Facemaster:

Find out more about the facemaster and other consumer's reviews at Amazon facemaster.

If you decide to buy one of these home skin tightening devices it is important that you read the safety precautions and contraindications.

Want more options? Have a look at these best anti aging devices for home use.

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Your Comments & Opinions About Beauty Skin Care Gadgets

The Stop Tripollar

by Darly

The tripollar Stop was a great waste of my husband's money. He bought it at, what we consider to be, great expense to us, from a company in England, I am in Canada.

The first Tripollar Stop, for which we had to purchase our own electrical converter, broke down after just a few months of use.

The electrical converter followed a few weeks later. The replacement, which involved some further cost to us, broke down after a few weeks of use.

I cannot state conclusively whether I would have experienced any antiaging benefits had I been able to use this device for a longer period

Sonic Master

By Elizabeth


I have been using the Sonic Master for the last two months and my skin is looking better. This device works with ultrasonic therapy and it boots collagen production. I can feel the heat when the red light goes on but you have to move the device constantly or it can burn the skin if you leave it in the same area for more than 1 or 2 seconds.

I haven't notice any significant changes on my skin yet, but it looks clearer with a lovely glow every time I use it. I hope that in time I will get all the anti aging benefits.

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