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What is Resveratrol?

If you are wondering about resveratrol side effects and benefits here you are going to find few facts that will allow you to have a clearer picture about this "famous" antioxidant.

We will take a look not only at its health benefits but also at its role regarding skin care and aging skin. 

Reported to have been discovered in the earlier part of 1940s, resveratrol was initially used in treating minor skin ailments like athlete’s foot and the like.

Resveratrol benefits for skin, best foods, supplements & skin care products. Get younger looking skin with this excellent antioxidantResveratrol is a potent antioxidant used in skin care products and supplements to get younger skin

Further research, lead to the interesting fact that resveratrol was available, though not in large proportions, in red wine, which the French was habituated to drink in volumes.

This in turn provided answers to why the French was always known to have a healthier heart condition in relation to the rest of Europe.

However, it would be prudent to remember that excessive intake of red wine would negate the gains made in weight loss, not to mention all the health problems that can arise with it.

Top Resveratrol Skin Care Benefits

The past few years have seen an amazing revolution in the skin-care sector, with resveratrol taking the markets literally by storm for their outstanding effects as the finest natural anti aging/wrinkle prevention supplements to hit the stalls.

They lead the market ratings, and resveratrol capsules is said to provide good health and longevity, not to speak of the application of the product on the skin, returning with unbelievable positive results in wrinkle reduction.

The findings of consistent researchers on the subject of resveratrol indicated that, though many plants were credited with having this product, the percentage of availability did not make it a viable proposition for extraction. For this very reason, resveratrol was converted to supplements for the benefit of mankind.

Resveratrol is added as an ingredient in skin creams and products for its antioxidant benefits. Other skin care benefits include eradicating skin lesions, moles and wrinkle reduction.

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Some of the major benefits accruing from using the product comprise of great strides in retarding the aging process, providing that young sheen to your skin and providing a longer lease of life.

Additionally, they are known to contribute to enhancing energy levels and metabolism and prevention of several diseases.

Few products can boast of providing so many benefits from intake of just one element, and that too only small quantities, thus providing researcher’s further food for thought about the possibility of the item hiding still more unknown benefits.

Technically speaking, most skin products with resveratrol are known to contain coenzyme q 10, several vitamins and minerals and also alpha lipoic acid, where the role of the vitamins is to provide energy necessary in the elimination of wrinkles and other skin conditions.

Below we will have a look at resveratrol side effects and health benefits.

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What Are Resveratrol Health Benefits?

Resveratrol benefits and side effectsResveratrol in skin care and cosmetics

In addition to its part as anti-oxidant, other benefits of resveratrol is its significant role in weight loss activities. By enhancing the rate of metabolism in the body, it accounts for a continuous and consequently, higher calorie burn.

On a combination with proper exercise and diet, it helps to successfully, tackle the endemic problem of obesity, besides suppressing estrogen, which in turn leads to fat burning and muscle addition.

The heart has long been known to benefit from Resveratrol flavonoids, which are credited with enhancing good cholesterol, protection of arteries and prevent damaged to blood vessels, not to speak of their very important feature of preventing blood clots.

Resveratrol not only plays a major role in preventing those diseases that follow the aging process like cancer, diabetes and heart ailments, but is also said to retard the aging process, and subsequently increase longevity, and prevent blood pleasure and maintain safe sugar levels.

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What Are the Side Effects of Resveratrol?

Aging creams and nutritional supplements in the market with the normal prescribed dosage of resveratrol have not been known to report side effects. Experts opine that a dosage of 30 to 50 mgs is normal.

However, when taken in higher doses, some studies have revealed that some of the resveratrol side effects can be diarrhoea, arthritis, sleeping difficulties and reduced appetite,

It must be said that if you are thinking on taking supplements you should consult your doctor first to see if this is the right thing to do for you.

The most interesting aspect about resveratrol is the fact that it does not purport to infuse something new to the system, but plays an important role in motivating the fundamental body elements to congregate to defend the body against diseases, and the same time safeguarding the health of the body.

Its composition as a natural supplement, can offer few risks in terms of after effects, while its benefits are beyond compare.

Apart from red wine and purple grapes other sources of resveratrol are red grapes, grape juice as well as peanuts and blueberries.

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