Are Moisturizers with Ceramides Good For the Skin?

Moisturizers with ceramides can benefit the skin and hair in several ways, but first let's learn more about them.

Ceramides are skin lipids and are found in the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum). They form part of the skin's barrier, helping to guard the skin from external aggression and dehydration.

These lipids can be of natural or synthetic origin and there are nine types (from 1 to 9) found on the skin.

Ceramide is typically an ingredient that can be found naturally in the skin and hair, and an absolute necessity to keep the skin healthy. 

They are generated to protect the skin against the attacks of so many of those stress-related chemicals and other instigators.

Benefits of ceramides in skin care productsMoisturizers with ceramides can help the skin and hair in more ways than one

With age, the production of these lipids by the skin drops appreciably, as a result of which; the skin probably shows signs of ageing, developing wrinkles and lines.

Some research studies have shown that topical products containing this ingredient can be effective in improving certain skin's conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Are Cosmetics With Ceramides Effective?

Ceramides are very popular in today's cosmetic formulations and we can find many products containing this ingredient.

A ceramide in the hair acts like an adhesive that keeps the hair together. This can only be seen when you examine a strand of hair under the microscope and find that each strand is made up of several minute scales.

Healthy hair will have scales sticking together and flat, while you will find the same scales standing up in hair that is damaged, making the hair appear limp and dull.

The role of these lipids is to grasp these scales and ensure that they stay flat in their proper position. This implies that all the protein in the hair is locked in with their assistance.

They can be bought in the form of capsules, serums, creams and lotions. They diminish with age and solar exposition, so is recommended to use skin products containing these lipids after sunbathing.

Their production is reduced as one get older and with solar exposition, thereby bringing about a transformation to the appearance of the skin, and though it cannot do everything to prevent ageing, it can most definitely solve a lot of chronic dry skin problems.

In the skin, the fatty ceramide is responsible for not only keeping the top layer of the skin in place, but also takes on the role of a glue, intent at keeping the cells intact.

Moreover, they cling to the molecules of water in the skin, and this helps in its ability to keep the skin moisturized. The production of these lipids is reduced as you age, consequently, accounting for several changes in the tonality of the skin. 

Due to the terrific benefits of ceramides, they are made use of in creams, cleansers and lotions, particularly catering to people with dry skin problems. However, its effectiveness is as yet debatable.

People traditionally believe that, it is not easy for the elements to sink into the skin through all it layers, but some of the newer studies show that the substance can actually penetrate the skin through the hair follicles and pores to reach the layer where the skin growth originates.

There are several companies that incorporate ceramides into their formulas and among the most popular we find Elizabeth Arden, Youthful Look Phytoceramides Cream and Cerave Moisturizing Cream.

Do You Have Dry Skin? Try These Face Masks

If your skin is dry or aged and in need of some pampering try these moisturizing masks at home.

  • Mix a few drops of rosehip oil with a bit of honey and some lemon juice. Apply in the skin and rinse off after 10 minutes.
  • Mix a spoon of natural yogurt with a piece of mashed banana and few drops of honey. Apply over a clean face and leave to work 15 minutes.
  • Mix a mashed avocado with some fresh cream until you form a paste that can be applied to the face. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse.
  • If the area around the eyes is dry and puffy you can apply two slices of potato at the same time that you apply the mask.

When you use these masks if there is something left, it can be kept in the fridge for no longer than 24 hours. You can use it again the next day. Avoid the eye area and apply your daily moisturizer when you finish.

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