11 Homemade Remedies with Lemon to Clear Skin

You can find here recipes with lemon to clear skin which can be made at home with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen.

You can use lemon juice for skin lightening and other skin issues but the golden rule is "use it only at night".

Is Lemon Good for Your Skin?

Before using lemon remember that you should never apply it to the skin during the day as sunlight can leave brown marks which are difficult to get rid of.

Now let's find out the benefits of lemon for the skin.

  • Is rich in vitamin C, which is one of the best hair and skin vitamins

  • Stimulate blood circulation

  •  Is beneficial for oily skin due to its astringent effect

  • Act as a natural skin whitener

Lemon can irritate the skin so avoid if you have broken or sensitive skin

Avoid applying lemon on its own to the skin, is better to mix it with water or other ingredients.

Many people are using lemons to lighten the skin but If you apply lemon directly to the skin don't leave it for more than 5 minutes as it can burn the skin.

Always rinse the skin after applying lemon.

Also don’t apply lemon to the skin before sun exposure.

11 Remedies Made with Lemons for the Skin

1- Softer lips

Mix natural yogurt with a few drops of lemon juice. Apply with a massage over the lips and leave 5 to 10 minutes.

Lemon can lighten skinLemon to clarify the skin

2- Lemon juice to clarify the skin

Blend a small piece of cucumber and add a few drops of lemon juice.

Mix well and apply on your face. 

After 15 minutes rinse with lukewarm water.

Use it as often as you can.

3- Revitalize your skin

Make a chamomile tea and wet a cotton with it.

Rub your face with the cotton.

Then, mix natural yogurt with one spoon of honey and few drops of lemon juice.

Apply over the skin and after twenty minutes rinse it off. 

4- Natural mask with lemon to clear skin

Mix extra virgin olive oil with few drops of lemon juice.

Apply over the areas you wan to treat with a massage and relax for 10 minutes. 

Take it away with the help of a toner.

Too busy to make your own lemon mask? Try the amazing Skinfood Black Sugar Mask/Scrub with lemon, honey & strawberry.

5- Blemish clear skin

Mix rose water with some drops of lemon juice and apply over the spots.

6- Lemon skin peeling

Mix two spoons of sugar with lemon juice.

Make a consistent paste and remove until the sugar is dissolved.

Gently rub it on the skin for one or two minutes.

Wash the area with water. 

Can be used in face, body, hands.

7- Smoother knees

Mix one egg yolk with two spoons of olive oil and few drops of lemon juice.

This mixture will be more effective if is warmed first.

Apply over the knees and leave for about fifteen minutes. 

Clean the area using water.

Brightening Facial MaskReduce dark spots & lighten the skin with this natural homemade face mask

8- Rejuvenating mask

Mix natural yogurt with half lemon juice.

Add flour until the mixture is consistent.

Apply on face and neck for around ten minutes. 

Wash it with lukewarm water.

9- Sunspots

Mix two spoons of rose-water with one spoon of lemon juice and two spoons of flour.

Mix very well and after it's been twenty minutes on the skin rinse with water.

If you want to lighten the skin and fade dark spots there is a very good serum from Natural Escapes

It made only with natural ingredients and it has anti-aging properties too.

It contains vitamin c, lemon extract and many more ingredients..

10- Lemon to clear skin inside out

Drinking lemon for clear skin.

Drink a glass of warm water with half lemon juice before breakfast every day.

Add a pinch of cayenne pepper to boost the metabolism and to enhance flavor few drops of Maple syrup.

This will help to cleanse your body and clear the skin.

11- Lemon juice & honey for skin

This remedy is effective as a help to lighten the skin.

Mix two spoons of fresh cream with two spoons of honey as well as a bit of lemon juice.

Extend over the desired areas and leave for 15 minutes.

Cleanse with a cloth damped with warm water.

Lemon is good to clear the skin but if you are looking for other uses of this citric head to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon where you can find more information.

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