Is Sugar Bad For Your Skin? How Sugar Affects the Skin 

Is sugar bad for your skin?

Usually people are aware that they should not be eating too much of sugar. 

Though health authorities keep warning us of the adverse effects of consumption of sugar, most of us keep consuming the same regularly. Sugar comes in many forms.

Of late, we have learned that excessive consumption of sugar over prolonged periods can result to have a dull looking and wrinkled skin.

If you do not take care at the preliminary stages, matters may reach a level to make us regret our procrastination.

Many experts agree that by consuming excess sugar we poison our bodies. This excess can lead to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Sugar does not necessarily mean refined white sugar, which we keep consuming regularly.

Sugar comes in many forms like glucose, sucrose (table sugar), fructose (found in fruits), lactose (like milk), (honey and rice malt), maple syrup, jam (rich in fruit sugar), malt corn syrup, palm sugar and brown sugar.

The sugar is available in alcohols too.

Sugars, in all these forms, can create different problems with individuals.

Sugar Effects On the Skin

Excessive consumption of sugar becomes visible on your face.

Inflammation is the main cause of ageing of all organs, including the skin.

One important reason that causes inflammation is the quick rise of blood-sugar level. It ushers in biochemical changes in the structure of cells that hasten the process of aging.

Is Sugar Good For Your Skin

Deterioration may occur in the brain, skin and heart muscles.

Diet is among the main reasons causing inflammation. Apart from damaging the skin through biochemical transformation, sugar damages the skin in other ways also.

As level of blood sugar rises quickly; sugar may get attached to collagen via a process known as “glycation," to form a new structure in blood.

This assists demolition of density and flexibility of collagen, and goes to weaken the antioxidants that are naturally acting  on the body, resulting in development of wrinkled skin thus giving you older looks.

Consumption of items with high content of refined sugar like cupcakes and candies, leads to a big spike in the level of blood sugar that the body is now unable to handle. 

It may lead to have weaker muscles or make joints stiffer and may reduce the elasticity of skin.

The same holds good for consuming foods with high-fat  content or cooked at a high temperature, such as fried chicken.

Recent research indicates that there is some correlation involving low-calorie diet, generally containing reduced amounts of sugar, and living longer.

By itself, white sugar may not be the culprit. It has something to do how your body cells recognize and utilize sugar to accelerate the process of body ageing, giving your skin an older look.

Is Sugar Bad For Your Skin?

Consume Less Sugar

Those addicted to sugar consumption could offset their cravings by controlling their levels of insulin and blood sugar, by avoiding unhealthy carbohydrates and increasing their consumption of protein for a couple of days.

That would give them a firmer skin while stabilizing their blood sugar and taking away their cravings.

Overall we can make a conscious decision to consume less sugar but remember that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the pillars of good health.

Cutting back on salt and fat consumption is as important.

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