How to Treat Stretch Marks with Natural Ingredients & Popular Solutions

If you want to know how to treat stretch marks and belong to the group of people who suffer from them, you are not alone.

Millions of women and some men, myself included, around the world suffer from these fastidious marks at some point in their lives, due to a variety of factors.

But the question in everybody's lips is "can stretch marks go away completely"?

Everyone may know what stretch marks are, but all of them might have no idea about what they mean.

Typically, these marks are a part of growing both biologically as well as physically. In fact, the physical growth is a consequence of a biological growth.

Generally, as a girl or boy attains puberty, they tend to put on weight making the skin on the body, especially on the breasts, the hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, to stretch.

How to Treat Stretch MarksThe use of popular remedies, treatments and creams can help reduce or eliminate stretch marks

The skin is actually quite stretchable; however, when stretched beyond its capacity, the usual generation of collagen is interrupted, resulting in marks known as stretch marks.

Stretch marks are mainly caused on the abdomen of women generally when they conceive because during the pregnancy period, the skin is stretched heavily.

Although more girls bear these marks; it does not imply that boys are never affected.

Obese people frequently have stretch marks and so also do body builders.

This can be due to the constant and rapid alterations that take place in the body when trying to build muscle.

Initially, the stretch marks appear as red or dark purple lines that look depressed, and they feel different too, when you compare them with the surrounding skin, but they become lighter and practically disappear, given time.

There are stories as well as false beliefs regarding stretch marks, their prevention, treatment and cure.

Once they manifest themselves on a person, it would seem almost next to impossible to get rid of them completely.

One has to concede that they will not disappear totally, but over many years they could probably fade, making them less apparent.

The best alternative is for one to try to prevent them from occurring.

6 Natural Ingredients for Stretch Marks

Most experts agree that the only solution for removing stretch marks permanently is through surgery and that natural remedies and creams are not enough to get rid of them.

I think that getting rid of stretch marks is difficult but there are popular remedies and products that work for other people, myself included.  You could try them and see if they work for you.

Before buying any product you need to take into consideration the length of time you have had these marks because fresh ones are easier to treat that old marks.

And also bear in mind that stretch marks tend to fade over time and become less obvious.

Let's have a look at popular ingredients:

1. The most ideal methods to prevent these marks are by keeping yourself hydrated and through a diet.

Drink a good amount of water daily so that your skin will remain soft and flexible. 

If you find difficult to drink water, try herbal teas or natural fruit juice. 

A balanced and healthy intake of food is also significant in ascertaining that the skin remains elastic.

How To Treat Stretch MarksHow to treat stretch marks naturally

2. Cocoa butter and Shea butter are natural moisturizers you can get in the market.

Try mixing cocoa butter and pure vitamin E for faster results.

A good natural product with Jojoba and Shea butter plus grape seed oil is basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter. Ideal to use during pregnancy.

3. Even using vitamins like vitamin E oil prevents recurrence of stretch marks.

If you can massage the oil straight on to the affected areas, there are chances that you can prevent it.

Other oil that many women with stretch marks use is jojoba oil.

4. How effective is olive oil for stretch marks?

You can try olive oil if you are a fan of natural remedies, but research suggest that it won't get rid of stretch marks.

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin and could help to lighten stretch marks when use continuously for a long period of time.

If you decide to use olive oil for stretch marks make it warm and massage the skin in circular motions.

Some people mix virgin olive oil with lemon juice and/or grounded coffee to maximize its benefits.

Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients and that your skin is no sensitive to lemon.

5. Can almond oil be used for stretch marks?

Almond oil is a popular remedy used by pregnant ladies to prevent stretch marks.

While it doesn't work for everybody many are happy with the results.

Like olive oil, almond oil is rich in vitamin E and helps the skin to maintain its elasticity.

Apply lukewarm sweet almond oil in circular motions over the affected areas.

To achieve better results apply over fresh marks. Try Now Solutions Sweet Almond Moisturizing Oil.

6. Does aloe vera work for stretch marks?

Again, this is a natural remedy that hasn't been proved to work for stretch marks, but that some people swear by it.

Aloe vera is great to heal scars and burns thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

It is said that it works best when the gel is applied straight from the plant as soon as the marks appear.

8 Treatments & Popular Solutions

Let's discover if we can get rid of stretch marks fast using popular treatments and remedies.

1. Chemical Peels - A popular way is using chemical peels but experts agree that since these peels can't reach the deeper layers where the stretch marks form, it is pointless to use them.

Be careful if you decide to go for a chemical peel because it could give you burns that would become a greater problem.

In any case talk to an specialist before taking this step.

2. Sometimes microdermabrasion is recommended to get rid of stretch marks, but it hasn't been proved to be very effective.

This is because microdermabrasion only eliminates the cells in the top layer of the skin but are unable to penetrate the dermis where these marks occur.

3. The utilization of lasers for stretch marks is well known, but bear in mind that no sort of treatment can make your skin revert to its original tone, before the stretch marks happened.

In laser treatment, there are cases when the patient is not responsive to it and there also could be the danger of hyper-pigmentation after the treatment.

4. Another treatment is the application of some topical products such as Retin A, but be aware that if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant you shouldn't use products containing retinoids.

Ask your doctor for advice on finding an alternative treatment.

There is some evidence that Retin A work in fresh stretch marks, but if they are older than one year retinol products won't be as effective.

For best results a minimum of 6 months is recommended.

5. Bio-Oil - This skin care award winner product is used for many women around the world to prevent and reduce stretch marks, but does it work?

Bio oil ingredients consist mainly of oils, plant extracts and vitamins.

These ingredients are very effective to heal scars, acne and dry skin. 

It works better on fresh stretch marks, older ones are always more difficult to eliminate.

Its continuous use has helped many to greatly reduce the marks but it does not work for everyone.

If you want to give it a go try the top rated Bio-Oil Multiuse Skincare.

6. Palmers Cocoa Butter - This is one of my favorite products to prevent and reduce stretch marks.

I have success with it when I was pregnant and during my weight gain/loss battle.

Apart from cocoa butter, other ingredients we can find on its formula are vitamin E, Shea butter and collagen and elastin.

These ingredients help to increase the skin's elasticity and moisture.

They are also good for giving you smoother and supple skin.

While it might not work for everyone you can give it a try and see if it works for you. Find out more here.

7. Does Mederma for stretch marks actually work?

I haven't used Mederma so I can't talk from experience, but I have been reading many reviews of customers who have used it.

The general sentiment is that Mederma doesn't really work on stretch marks but it can, however, make scars less obvious. 

As a rule of thumb use it persistently for 6 months.

8. Does derma roller work on stretch marks?

Derma roller has to be one of my top favorite products for many skin issues.

I have a dermaroller and use it to prevent and diminish wrinkles, to reduce pigmentation, to shrink pores, to reduce hair loss, to prevent and reduce cellulite and stretch marks and overall to boost the skin's texture and appearance.

It is also effective to treat acne scars and other acne issues.

You can have a professional dermaroller treatment or buy one and use it at home.

The difference is that dermarollers used by professionals have longer needles that are able to penetrate deeper into the skin.

With longer needles the skin will bleed and topical anesthesia is used.

At home dermarollers use shorter needles and you don't need to apply anesthesia.

Derma rollers are effective because the micro-needles cause injury to the skin, encouraging the body to heal, promoting the formation of collagen and elastin fibers and smoothing the skin.

Dermarollers are also effective to improve the absorption of the skin care ingredients you apply to the skin.

Watch the video below to learn how you can use the derma roller to treat stretch marks.

This is the derma roller I'm using right now  Skin Care Needle Micro 3 in 1 Kit.

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