How to Make Natural Hair Grow Fast | 5 DIY Hair Masks | Tips & Remedies for Thicker Hair

Is it possible to make your natural hair grow faster?

While there is not scientific research that any of these tips and home remedies will accelerate hair growth there is a popular belief that they do work. This is because many of the ingredients used have properties that benefit the hair one way or another.


Discover how to make your natural hair grow fast with these effective 10 tips and 5 DIY homemade hair masks. #growhairfast #haircare #hairgrowth #hairUse these 5 DIY hair masks to make your hair grow faster and longer

Many people use natural ingredients and hair products to achieve healthier, stronger and longer hair. Remember that a key to make your hair grow faster is to promote blood circulation to the scalp. Finding ways to do that will be of great help.

So below you will find my favorite things and remedies that will make your hair grow really fast. 

Note: If you suffer from any allergies or are unsure of any of the ingredients used here refrain from using them without consulting a skin expert.

5 Natural DIY Hair Masks to Grow Your Hair Longer

1. Fenugreek & Natural Yogurt

  • Mix 3 spoons of natural yogurt with one spoon of grounded Fenugreek
  • Add few fresh basil leaves and one spoon of olive oil
  • Blend of all the ingredients together and apply all over the hair
  • Rub the scalp and massage over the ends and along the hair

This DIY hair mask, especially the Fenugreek, is excellent to make the hair grow faster, to strengthen the hair and to prevent baldness.

2. Aloe Vera and Spirit

As estrange as it might sound the spirit in this recipe will boost blood flow to the scalp.

  • Mix fresh aloe vera with an egg
  • Add one spoon of spirit like Cognac or Brandy
  • Leave the mixture to rest for one hour
  • Massage your hair and scalp with this hair remedy and leave to act for about 20 minutes
  • Wash your hair as usual

3. Mustard Powder

  • Make a paste with one spoon mustard powder and warm water
  • Then add 3 spoons of olive oil and stir
  • Finally add an egg mixing all the ingredients very well
  • Massage the hair mask over the scalp and along the hair, insisting on the hair ends 
  • Let it sink for 20 to 30 minutes or earlier if the heat becomes too intense 
  • Wash your hair as normal

The mustard's properties (with heat effect) will boost blood circulation on the scalp which will make your hair grow faster and thicker. For better result use it once a week.

4. Egg White Protein Mask

Protein is essential to keep your hair healthy and stronger. Try applying a protein mask to your hair once a week.

  • Combine an avocado (mashed) with an egg white
  • Add one spoon of natural yogurt and one spoon of honey
  • Make a paste and apply over hair and scalp

For an intense treatment cover the hair with foil paper and leave for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with organic shampoo.

5. Beer Yeast DIY Hair Mask

Is common knowledge that beer yeast is effective in stimulating hair growth and when combined with coconut oil is even more beneficial.

  • In a bowl mix one spoon of beer yeast with two spoons coconut oil and four spoons aloe vera
  •  Blend all the ingredients together 
  • Apply over wet hair
  • Massage your scalp first and then apply over the rest of the hair insisting on the ends

To intensify the treatment wear a shower cap or foil paper and a towel for 30 minutes. You could also leave it overnight. Wash your hair as you normally do but try to use a natural or organic shampoo.

Tips & Stuff to Use for Longer and Healthier Hair


Have you cut your hair too short and now you regret it? You can use these tips, hacks and DIY remedies to get longer hair faster. #hair #haircare #hairgrowthHave you cut your hair too short and now you regret it? You can use these tips, hacks and DIY remedies to get longer hair faster

# Add 1 red onion to your shampoo. Cut the onions in small pieces and add it your shampoo. Let the onion rest for 15 days. Remove the onion after 2 weeks and use your shampoo as usual.

# Massage the scalp every day to boost circulation. Adding a few drops of olive or Castor oil will yield even better results.

Make sure to cut the ends of your hair often. When you have split ends it makes more difficult for the hair to grow healthy. 

There is a belief that if you cut your hair when the moon is in the first quarter it will grow faster. You can try and see if it works for you.

# Brush dry hair twice a day to stimulate the hair's follicles. Brush with your head downward to boost blood flow to the scalp.

# For some people potato water works wonders for their hair. Just boil 2 or 3 potatoes with peel for 20 minutes. Take the potatoes out and let the water to cool down.

After washing your hair use the potato water to rinse it.  This mask is ideal to make hair grow faster and thicker.

# Others use the water used to boil onions. Just boil 3 onions in water for 20 minutes. Separate the water and let it cool. After washing your hair use this water to rinse it.

I hope is not going to be smelly but just in case use it at night and make sure you are going to stay in.

# Don't use silicone based hair products. They dry out hair preventing moisture from getting into the hair. Instead go for hair care products with natural ingredients such as Maple Holistics Mint Shampoo.

# In the same way you exfoliate your skin you should exfoliate your scalp. Make your own natural scalp scrub by mixing 2 spoons of brown sugar with two spoons of milled oats. Once a week should be enough.

Add warm water to make a paste and gently massage your scalp for 5 minutes. Wash your hair with a natural shampoo.

# Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and water. It will grow faster and shinier.

# Nettle tea will also help boost blood circulation to the scalp which in return will speed up hair growth.

Massage the tea over the scalp and leave overnight for an intense treatment. Wash your hair in the morning.

# When trying to grow your hair faster is important to avoid crash diets. It will only play havoc with your hair and will fall easily. Just follow a sensible healthy diet with plenty of proteins. Yes, proteins are very important for healthy hair, nails and skin.

What Can You Eat to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

There are foods you can eat to maintain your hair healthy, stronger and shiny.

If you are trying to grow your hair longer in a short period of time try to following a balance and healthy diet rich in fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains and proteins.

Find below 5 types of foods that will benefit your hair.


Using DIY hair growth tips and treatments will help you grow your hair faster and stronger. Also eating the right foods will give you all the vitamins needed for healthier hairUsing DIY hair growth tips and treatments will help you grow your hair faster and stronger. Also eating the right foods will give you all the vitamins needed for healthier hair

1. Biotin - It is believed that foods with biotin (a form of vitamin B) can help to promote hair growth.

You can find biotin on egg yolks, fish, liver, dairy, vegetables, beer yeast, etc

2. Oily fish - Oily fish like salmon, mackerel or trout are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential to keep the hair and skin healthy.

Incorporating these foods to your diet is best but if you don't like fish the next best thing are supplements.

3. Nuts - Nuts are full of goodness (zinc, vitamin B, selenium) and so good for your overall health.

Eating a handful of almonds, peanuts, pecan, walnuts or Brazil nuts will help strengthen your hair and make it look fuller and thicker. 

4. Green leaf vegetables - Is no surprise that vegetables help your hair become healthier and stronger because they are loaded with antioxidants. 

Get into the habit of consuming more spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage, watercress, lettuce, arugula and endives.

5. Other foods you can eat to make your hair stronger are avocados, carrots, seeds like chia and sunflower, bananas, berries, sweet potatoes, yogurt and raisins.

Best 7 Oils to Stimulate Hair Growth 


Natural hair growth treatments and DIY home remedies and masks to make your hair grow faster, healthier and stronger.Natural hair growth treatments and DIY home remedies and masks to make your hair grow faster, healthier and stronger

If you want to stimulate hair growth you can try massaging the scalp with oils. To maximize their benefits cover your hair with a hot towel and leave for at least 30 minutes.

1. Lavender oil - Is a good oil to prevent hair loss

2. Coconut oil - Protects hair from the loss of proteins. You should only use coconut oil over dry hair. Apply over the hair and comb your hair to evenly distribute the oil. 

Leave for 30 minutes and wash. Coconut oil provides the ideal conditions for the hair to grow faster, healthier and stronger.

3. Castor oil - Protects and nourishes the hair. It will make hair stronger and shinier.

4. Rosemary oil - Prevents hair loss and strengthens hair. Rosemary oil is effective in delaying white hair and dandruff.

5. Tea tree oil - Tea tree oil will cleanse the scalp allowing hair to grow healthier and stronger.

6. Jojoba oil - The ceramides in this oil are great to revitalize and protect hair, especially in dry conditions.

7. Olive oil - With great antioxidant action and rich in vitamin E the properties of olive oil prevents the aging of the cells and hair loss. Protects and regenerates the hair.

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