Use Honey For The Skin & Enjoy 9 Benefits | 9 DIY Skin Care Recipes | 5 DIY Face Masks 

What are the benefits of honey for the skin?

Honey is very popular due to the amazing healing properties of this natural substance. 

It has been used since ancient times by many civilizations and today is been used as an skin care ingredient by cosmetic companies in order to help with different skin conditions.

So, what is so great about honey?

Beauty benefits of honey in skin care. Natural diy remedies and best skin care products.

The nectar obtained from the flowers will be turned into honey to dress upon some of the most mouth-watering desserts.

Over the years honey has been a very popular ingredient added to cosmetics and used at home as a natural skin remedy.

It has maintained its importance because of the favorable health properties.

That healing ability of honey is fantastic making it one of the preferred components for home cures.

Honey & nutrition - Honey has many very good qualities such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, chlorine, sulphur, iron and phosphate.

We can find vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5 B6 and vitamin C. It also has small amounts of iodine, copper and zinc.

Is Honey Good for the Skin? Discover Top 9 Benefits

The many health benefits of honey includes: antioxidant power, antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also used as a natural remedy to help with arthritis, gastroenteritis, stomach ulcers, diarrhoea, athlete's foot and even bad breath.

It not just used to greatly enhance overall health, honey for the skin has many advantages:

1 - Regenerates the skin, because of its anti-oxidant power.

2 - Honey works as an humectant, hydrating the skin as well as making it supple and soft.

3 - Still is used in many places to assist heal skin injuries.

4 - Honey is being added as an skin care ingredient by skin care companies, to numerous cosmetic products as a way to minimize wrinkles and moisturize our skin. Try this amazing serum if you want smooth and glowing skin Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Facial Serum.

5 - Aside from honey, additional products generated by bees including wax, pollen, along with royal jelly are usually used in skin care products.

6 - Honey can also be used to heal cracked lips.

7 - It can help with acne. Honey is very good for the skin because of its qualities. Anyone can use honey as a facial mask as it works wonders for the complexion.

It feeds your skin through the essential properties contained in it.

8 - It is very good to remove wrinkles from face and works as well as an anti aging remedy.

9 - Honey has the ability to preserve moisture content which helps your skin keep on being soft and supple.

The hydration quality of the honey helps to keep the skin's elasticity, smoothness and softness.

The existence of anti-oxidants in honey defends you against UV rays.

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9 DIY Home Remedies with Honey for the Skin

1. Facial Cleanser

  • Combine one tbsp. honey, 2 tbsp. finely ground almonds with 1/2 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice. 
  • Apply it on your face. 
  • Rinse using warm water.
Top 9 honey benefits in skin care plus 5 great DIY face masks made with honey to moisturized and reduce wrinklesHoney DIY face masks to keep the skin moisturized and reduce wrinkles

2. Toner 

  • Prepare a concoction of a single tbsp. honey with peeled and de-seeded apple.
  • Apply this paste on the facial area for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off using mineral water.

3. Wrinkles

  • Mix one tbsp. honey, 1 egg white, 1 tsp glycerin and in add in flour until consistent.
  • Apply this paste all over your face including the neck and keep it for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse it off using warm water.

4. Relaxing Bath

  • To have a soothing bath add five spoons of honey to the bath water, stir the water and get in.

5. Body Conditioner 

  • Mix one teaspoon. honey with 1 tsp. olive oil and 1/4 tsp of fresh lemon juice.
  • This is a very natural conditioner that you can rub on parts of your body that is dry.
  • Leave it on ten minutes and later rinse.

6. Acne Remedy

  • Mix Half cup warm water along with 1/4 tsp of sea salt.
  • Use a piece of cotton to soften the pimple by applying consistent pressure.
  • Apply honey over the blemishes with a cotton bud and leave it for about ten minutes.
  • Rinse it and pat dry.

7. Chapped Lips

  • The application of wonderful honey on chapped and wrinkled lips will make them smoother and softer.

8. Body Scrub

  • Mix 1/4 cup freshly ground coffee, 1/4 glass buttermilk, 2 tbsp. wheat germ, 2 tbsp. honey, 1 tablespoon of grape seed oil, one egg white.
  • Combine the buttermilk, grape seed oil, honey and egg white.
  • Keep on adding coffee and wheat germ to this mixture slowly in order to prevent any kind of lumps.
  • Use this paste just about all over your body.
  • Use it in the bath to help to exfoliate the skin. Rinse off completely and dry.

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9. Top 5 facial masks made with honey

1. To exfoliate the skin use 1 spoon of orange juice, 1 teaspoon brown sugar and 1 spoon of honey.

2. For sensitive skin made a mixture with honey (1 tbsp) and aloe vera (1 tbsp).

3. For oily skin try mixing 1 spoon of honey with 1 or 2 spoons powder milk and 1 egg yolk.

4. For dry skin mix 1 spoon honey with a few drops of milk. If you want to use it on your body increase the amount of honey and milk. Leave to act for 10 minutes before your bath or shower.

5. To diminish lines and wrinkles this mask is really good: Mix one spoon of honey + 1 spoon f chickpea flour + a pinch of turmeric. Add milk until the mixture is consistent enough.

* Leave the masks on your skin 10 to 20 minutes and remove using warm water.

A note about honey for the skin: You should exercise all safe practices when you follow the instructions on all the remedies found here. Avoid using any of these ingredients if you are allergic to them.

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