Healing Sunburn Fast With Homemade Natural Remedies

Learn how to heal a sunburn fast with effective DIY remedies.

Some form of relief should be applied as soon as the symptoms of sunburned skin appear.

As the weather begins to get warmer and people begin to wander out into the sunshine there are inevitably going to be many situations arising where treatment of sunburn is necessary.

Healing Sunburn FastFollow these tips to avoid burning the skin in the sun

This type of skin injury typically occurs early in the season due to the skin’s becoming exposed to the heat of the sun for the first time since the onset of winter.

What Is A Sunburn?

At this time the symptoms of this type of burn will be the most obvious, with the skin turning a bright pink or red.

During this stage it is fairly easy to gauge the severity of the injury to the skin.

Later in the season after the skin has become tanned sunburn can still very easily occur, although it may be much more difficult to tell just how bad the damage is.

Advice and Tips to Avoid Sunburned Skin

There are certain rules that should always be followed for preventing sunburn such as:

  • Getting out of the sun and covering up exposed skin

  • Cover your head with a hat and wear good sunglasses

  • Reapply sunscreen every time you get out of the water

  • Use a moisturizer for the lips

  • Be extra careful with children as their skin is very sensitive

  • Avoid sunbathing when the rays sun are hotter, from midday to four in summer

8 Natural Sunburn Remedies | Healing Sunburn Fast

If by any chance you haven't follow the advice given before and your skin get sunburned, then you may attempt to take steps in order to relieve the discomfort that you feel from the burn.

Natural Sunburn RemediesUse natural homemade sunburn remedies to relieve the skin

Healing sunburn fast with the following remedies:

To help heal a sunburn quickly try the following home remedies for sunburn.

1. Taking aspirin and ibuprofen early can be especially helpful in warding off the pain.

2. For natural relief you can try using cold compresses to the affected areas that are made up of equal parts milk and water.

You should then thoroughly soak either gauze or a clean towel in the solution, wring it out completely, and then apply it to the area that is burned.

You should refresh the cloth and the solution every couple of hours.

3. An effective sunburn treatment that will help you if the burn you have sustained is not too severe is soaking your body in a cool bath.

If you choose to try this, to soothe your skin, then you should be warned that the use of bath salts, oils, or perfumes may produce skin sensitivity reactions.

When you are done with your bath you can apply a light, fragrance free moisturizer to your skin.

4. Using aloe vera for sunburn is an efficient remedy. Aloe vera has antibiotic and antibacterial properties, helps to prevent infections and has analgesic action.

Apply the inner surface of fresh aloe vera leaves over the sunburned skin. You can also use aloe vera gel. Try Organic Aloe Vera Gel + Spray from Green Leaf Naturals.

5. Another cure for sunburn is to mix pure aloe vera juice with honey and apply to the skin.

6. Cucumber is also a great home remedy for sunburn, just apply slices of cucumber to the affected area.

7. Apple vinegar can also relief the skin. Apply with a cotton over the skin.

8. Apply raw grated potato to the skin to the sunburned area.

The main thing to remember when undergoing sunburn treatment is to stay out of the sun.

Your burn could easily become much worse with only a limited time of additional exposure, and the last thing that you want to do is have your mild case of sunburn turn into something that you will have to seek medical attention for.

Of course if you have to treat a severe sunburn the best option is to go to the doctor for professional treatment.

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