Glycolic Acid for Wrinkles & Uses in Skin Care

Do you use glycolic acid for wrinkles or other skin issues? Discover the benefits of using it in skin care products and peels.

What it is?

GA is one of the most well known alpha hydroxy acids.

Is an odorless and colorless substance derived from sugar cane.

Is widely used as an skin care ingredient and cosmetic formulations.

One of its benefits is that because is very small in size is able to penetrate the dermis and the epidermis, resulting in a more healthier, elastic and flexible skin.

Top 8 Benefits of Glycolic Acid for the Skin

This skin care ingredient is very effective and can provide amazing results for the skin's texture. Its benefits include:

Glycolic acid for wrinklesGlycolic acid products and peels benefits for the skin

1. It helps to reduce oil in the skin

2. Minimizes the appearance of pores

3. It removes blackheads

4. Helps with acne scarring

5. Helps to get rid of skin pigmentation

6. Treats aging skin

7. Helps with collagen synthesis, diminishing lines and wrinkles

8. Moisturizes the skin

If you want an excellent facial mask with glycolic acid plus ingredients such as vitamin C, coenzyme q10, rosehip oil, peptides and kaolin clay try Derma-nu Extreme Antioxidant Mask. All the ingredients work together to create a super protective layer of antioxidant power. 

Glycolic Acid for Wrinkles & Peels for the Skin

Glycolic acid peels are available commercially in varying concentrations. There are many advantages of glycolic acid peels. They not only prevent many medical conditions such as acne and blackheads (by decreasing skin pores) but also helps in getting a glowing, wrinkle free skin. 

It stimulates a rapid turn over of dead cells and provides an even epilating effect preventing dark spots and fine lines.

The side effects can include rashes, skin burning and a crust like formation. It can also make the skin more vulnerable to sun light. Fortunately all the side effects are reversible and disappear after discontinuation.

When used correctly, glycolic acid peels are a great supplement for your skin. It is organic, free from artificial supplements, cheap (can be performed at home) most people get an amazingly fresh skin with minimal side effects.

Professionals and dermatologists use a higher concentration of G.A that can go up to 70%. After performing a peeling the skin is left unprotected and more sensitive to sunlight, so the use of sunscreen with a high SPF is imperative.

There are many GA peels, some with higher concentrations than others, but researchers suggest that is not very effective if is less than 10%. Always read the label carefully and if in any doubt consult with a dermatologist.

If you are looking to improve the look of your skin, products containing glycolic acid are very good at doing that job.

When buying glycolic acid peels at home be careful and read the instructions before application to avoid damaging the skin.

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6 Homemade Facial Masks For Pigmentation

If your skin suffers from pigmentation due to sunlight here are a few masks that could help. Be constant and patient and hopefully you will soon see results.

Homemade Facial Mask for Skin PigmentationHomemade masks for skin pigmentation.

1. Make an infusion with some drops of lemon and parsley. Rub it in the skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and  apply a splash of cold water to close the pores.

2. Half a grape rubbed into the skin will help clear pigmentation.

3. Mix powder milk with some lemon drops and honey. Leave it in your face 10 minutes and take it off with water. Use cold water to close pores.

Get rid of dead cells and regenerate your skin with these homemade aha skin care made with fruits.

4. Make a paste with few chunks of pineapple, half papaya and one spoon of honey. Leave it on 15 minutes and get rid using water.

5. Blend a small apple with three strawberries. Apply over the skin for few minutes and use a cloth with water to take it off.

6. Mix one spoon of natural yogurt with two spoons of honey, two spoons of pineapple and two spoons of lemon juice. Apply over the skin for twenty minutes and rinse off with warm water.

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