Get Rid Of Spider Veins On Your Face | Best Treatments & 3 DIY Remedies

Although one of the best treatments to get rid of spider veins on the face are lasers here you are going to discover other ways to remove them so you can make an informed decision. 

But first, why do we have thread veins? Thread veins are caused due to dilation of very minute veins beneath the skin.

How to get rid of spider veinsLearn how to reduce spider veins on the face with these tretments

In medical terminology these are called telangiectasia, meaning broken capillaries. These are red or blue in color and look like a spider’s web.

You can see this clearly on the fairest part of the skin.

Spider veins appear on the face and are generally noticed on the cheeks or nose. Unlike varicose veins, they do not cause any pain or uneasiness.

Though thread veins don’t involve any medical issues in most cases, people like to get them removed only for the purpose of cosmetic beauty.

Spider veins could appear on the legs or on any part of the human body. So, don’t be surprised if they appear on your face.

Because these are caused by the dilation of blood vessels underneath the skin, they can appear wherever it occurs.

The main reasons for thread veins appearing on the face are excessive exposure to the sun or cold, acne rosacea and exposure to radiation. 

The veins that appear on the legs can easily be hidden from view by wearing appropriate dresses like long pants but when these appear on the cheeks and nose, it’s difficult to hide them.

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4 Professional Treatments to Remove Facial Spider Veins

Thankfully, we have many treatments available these days that can effectively eliminate veins on the face.

Best Cream for Spider Facial VeinsBe constant with natural treatments for spider veins

1. In the past, Sclerotherapy was not considered desirable in the face and arms, but now it’s considered a safe way of getting rid of thread veins from such areas.

Because these are delicate parts and Sclerotherapy needs injections of a chemical sclerant, a number of specialists tend to opt for other options other than Sclerotherapy for removing facial veins.

2. Laser's energy: This can coagulate and shrink spider veins. It’s considered an effective treatment for small to medium-sized veins. The application of lasers may be a bit painful.

After the treatment, the veins may appear to be darker but that shouldn’t be a cause of worry, as they would ultimately fade away in a couple of weeks.

The latest lasers for spider veins on the face such as the Excel V or Iridex 940 can leave the skin free of the veins in most cases instantly.

These treatments can be performed in the time that it takes you to eat your lunch and that's why it is called "lunchtime procedure". 

The only downside is that the thread veins could return in about a year or so. Watch the video below to see how is done.

3. Electrodesiccation: This involves passing of electric current to get rid of spider veins on face. As a result of the current, the veins swell, shrink up and wither away.

The process may be a bit difficult, especially for the face, as it could leave some scar on the face, due to the application of electric current.

4. Intense pulsed light: This technique is used for eliminating the spider veins beneath the skin. It employs a process called selective photo thermolysis.

Basically, it involves focusing of light on affected veins, which absorb light energy and thus get heated.

The precise amount of heat causes the veins to shrink. Subsequently, the veins are moved to the surface and treated further using Sclerotherapy.

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3 Home Remedies to Eliminate Spider Veins on Your Face Naturally

There are some popular remedies that people use to prevent and diminish facial spider veins. Although is no guarantee that they are going to work you could give them a try and see if you notice an improvement.

1- Blend a leek and mix it with an spoon of milk. Apply over the area for 20 minutes. Wash your face using tepid water. Repeat 2 or 3 times per week.

2- Make a paste with garlic and add a spoon of natural yogurt. After leaving it for 10 minutes on your target area, rinse with warm water.

3- Try Gingko Biloba and vitamin K as supplements to boost oxygen and blood circulation.

TIP - To prevent spider veins avoid exposing the area to the sun, drinking alcohol, consuming spicy foods and exposing yourself to sudden changes in temperature.


It’s imperative to look for the services of a proven professional for this treatment. That’s because some of the side effects, like temporary discoloration of skin, bruising, brown lines or spots, as a result of this treatment can best be avoided by an expert professional.

In most cases the veins fade away after the treatment. However, the veins may reappear if the fundamental reason causing spider veins are not treated.

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