How to Find Your Skin Type | Skin Care Routine For Your Type of Skin

To know how to find your skin type is very important in order to choose the appropriate skin care routine and the best cream and products.  

It will also help you to understand how your epidermis will cope with aging because not every type of skin ages in the same way.

How to find out what is your skin type and use the right skin care products. Discover if you have dry, oily, sensitive, combination or normal skin with these tips.How to tell what is your skin type. Use the right skin care products for your type of skin

How to Know Your Skin Type (5 Types)

The face is constantly exposed to many internal and external factors such as:

Skin TypesHow to determine your skin type

All these factors contribute to the damage and premature aging of the skin. When you find your skin type, you will be able to start caring and using the products that your epidermis really needs.

Follow these general tips for healthy skin:

  • Don't over cleanse because it can strip away the skin's oils

  • Don't overload your skin with moisturizer

  • The best time to moisturize is at night when the body is at rest

  • You will know if you need a moisturizer when your skin feels taut after cleansing

  • The better you know your skin the better you will understand its needs

  • Always wear sunscreen of at least 15 SPF, even in cloudy days

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Eat a healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts and pulses

  • Exercise

  • Sleep at least eight hours

  • Avoid sunbathing, smoking and drinking alcohol

If you are thinking that these are way too many things to give up you are right, but there is a price to pay if you want healthy and beautiful skin. On the other hand, just try to do what you can without getting obsessive.

Facial Skin Types - How to Find Your Skin Type

How do you know your skin type? Check the main characteristics of the 5 types of skinHow do you know your skin type? Check the main characteristics of the 5 types of skin

Normal Skin Type Characteristics

This is the best skin to have, but the less frequent in adults.

Normal SkinNormal skin care routine
  • Normal skin is similar to baby skin.
  • It has a uniform texture. 
  • Small or invisible pores with no blackheads. 
  • Is soft and does not feel tight after cleansing.

You won't have major problems with this type of skin so consider yourself lucky if you are the proud owner of normal skin. On top of that if you look after it, wrinkles won't appear until late.

Oily Skin Type Characteristics

What is oily skin? This skin is thicker and normally feels greasy and shiny.

Oily SkinOily skin care routine
  • The pores are bigger and open.
  • It has blackheads that appear due the oil's oxidation when in contact with the exterior.
  • Oily skin can also be prone to spots. 
  • It ages better than other skin types because is more resistant to external factors. 
  • Treating oily skin with adequate skin care products is very important.

Dry Skin Type Characteristics

Dry SkinDry skin care routine
  • This skin often has a dull appearance and usually feels tight and stretched.
  • Moisturizing dry skin is key for a supple complexion.
  • The pores are small.
  • It has little or not shine.
  • Dry skin produce less sebum. 
  • It has more problems to retain moisture.
  • Dry skin can become rough and flaky patches could appear.

Expression lines form faster in dry skin, especially around the eyes and mouth. It can occur in woman that don't use protection against external factors like sun or wind.

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Combination Skin Type Characteristics

Some dermatologists don't recognize this type of skin because they consider it as normal with a dry or oily tendency. Combination skin is the most usual skin type. Its main characteristics are:

Combination Skin CareCombination skin routine
  • Combination skin has a tendency to be oily in the middle of the face like forehead, nose and chin.
  • This is called the "T" zone and the rest of the face can be normal or dry.
  • This skin ages well if taken good care of it.

Sensitive Skin Type Characteristics

Sensitive skin is included in find your skin type because lots of people look for information about it, but we can say it is considered a skin condition.

Sensitive SkinSensitive skin care routine

What is sensitive skin? The main symptoms of sensitive skin are:

  • Sensitive skin is very delicate and can be dry, oily or normal.
  • Sensitive skin can appear at any time and can be due to a reaction to cosmetic ingredients as well as external factors like climate changes. 
  • Its characteristics can be redness, itching, tightness and irritation.

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