What Is Differin Face Cream Used For? Top Benefits for Wrinkles and Acne

What does Differin do to your face?

If you are suffering from acne and other skin issues such as wrinkles, Differin face cream might be the solution you are looking for.

But what exactly is it and what is used for?


Differin gel/cream offers great results for wrinkles and acne. If you have acne problems use differin creams to clear the skin. For those with wrinkles is also good to reduce lines and aging skin.Use differin creams to get rid of pimples, acne, skin blemishes and aging issues such as wrinkles

Differin is a topical retinoid that is known to work under the epidermis of the skin, at the root of the disease.

Though many treatments are available, which stop the formation of pimples, only those with topical retinoid like Differin are among drugs that are proven helpful in getting rid of the existing blemishes and stop those from appearing in the future.

Galderma Laboratories manufacture Differin. You may have this product in the form of gel or cream. Both the versions include 0.1% of Adapalene as its active constituent.

However, this is not among the over the counter medicines and necessarily requires the prescription from an authorized dermatologist.

Differin Face Cream Benefits for Acne

Acne is a common skin care issue that adolescents and adults face. Once reaching maturity, the body undergo hormonal and biological changes that make teens vulnerable to acne and pimples.

There is no shortage of medications and homemade remedies that can help fight acne and prevent their further eruption. For some people outbreaks of acne could cause social complications, and will go to any length to try to cover the part of skin affected by acne.

When searching the Internet, you can find hundreds of products promising to eliminate acne outbursts but very few brands are known to have established in the market.

Nonetheless, creams/gels containing Differin are proven to be helpful in treating acne outbursts. One of the active ingredients is known as “adapalene” that quietly works on the acne affected pores and the surrounding area.

It’s not unusual for the acne affected pores to get worsened for the first few days of applying this face cream. That is a sign of the medication acting against bacteria responsible for causing acne and gradual cleaning of the skin.

How long does it take to see results with Differin?

With regular application of the cream for eight or ten weeks, you will certainly notice positive changes in the skin.

Soon, healthy and gleaming skin starts appearing. So, people affected by acne will begin to appreciate the benefits of applying Differin cream.

Does Differin Cream Work for Wrinkles?

Can Adapalene (Differin) be used for wrinkles?

Differin creams are said to be effective for diminishing wrinkles and lines.

A study carried out in 40 Chilean women, found that adapalene gel (0.3%), the main ingredient in differin, was able to reduce wrinkles in forehead (40%), around the eye socket (52%) and around the mouth/lips (29%).

Other significant improvements noted during this study were:

1. Higher hydration

2. Better skin tone

3. Decrease of elastosis band

The study lasted for 6 months and was conducted by the Department of Dermatology, University of Chile. For more information click here.

Using Differin Products | Side Effects

Differin cream should only be used under the expert care of a specialist. Depending on the kind of skin, dermatologists can give precise instructions for its application. For example, people having oily or sensitive skin may be recommended to use the cream only once during the day.

Differin Face CreamHow to use Differin gel

It must be pointed out here that before applying any Differin based cream the face should be thoroughly cleaned using an oil-free soap. That helps to hasten the treatment of acne affected skin, and the patient’s skin will recover faster.

It’s important to mention that excessive application of this acne cream could harm the skin and should be avoided. However, its regular application is essential for the timely cure of acne. In some cases, the cream could cause inflammation of the skin. Under such circumstances, you shouldn’t delay consulting a dermatologist.

The only sure way of dealing with acne is to seek appropriate help and follow the recommended treatment and instructions for using the cream. Creams containing Differin have time and again proven to be successful in treating acne. One should surely derive benefits from the helpful characteristics of “adapalene."


Just how effective is Differin cream for acne and wrinkles? Discover how to use differin cream, the side effects and the benefits for the skin.Is Differin cream good for acne & wrinkles? Yes!

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