Cynthia Rowland Facial Exercises Review | Good to Lift Sagging Skin? | Top 9 Benefits

Who Is Cynthia Rowland?

Cynthia Rowland is the creator of Facial MagicCynthia Rowland's facial exercise program is designed to take years off your appearance.

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She has been practicing facial exercises for over 20 years and she looks amazing.

Her age?

She won't tell but she has two sons and the older one is on his forty's. Cynthia started doing these exercises when she was looking for a natural alternative to a facelift. After she saw improvements on her face she developed the famous Facial Magic system.

Cynthia Rowland facial exercises reviewCynthia Rowland facial exercises review

In Cynthia Rowland's facial program you will learn how to isolate and contract the muscles.

You will need to use cotton gloves with each exercise as this help to maintain the fingers in the right position while executing them.

So, what is the magic in this program?

I have seen many videos that tells you to pull funny faces by puckering or stretching and area of the face for X time, but what benefit have this for the face?

Without proper technique I think some facial exercises are useless and a waste of time.

Also, you need to learn proper finger placement to make the most of these face exercises.

An image is worth more than thousand words and this is true when you see the picture of Cynthia Rowland.

Her face is ageless and as she says "is not from facial injections", just from using her Facial Magic program.

Over the years Rowland has spread the word about the benefit of facial exercises and has appeared as a guest in many TV and radio shows including The View, The Doctors, The Donny and Marie Show, Rachel Ray, Barbara Walters and many others.

9 Reasons to Use Cynthia Rowland Facial Exercises Program

When you follow a face exercise program the first thing you must be aware of is that the results are not imminent.

You need to wait from few weeks to few months to really notice the difference. But, to me the benefits are worth it.

Another thing, please follow the instructions to a tee, don't try to take shortcuts and skip exercises because you won't get the full benefits if you do that.

Here is a list of some of the benefits you will get from Cynthia Rowland facial magic:

1. You will notice an increase in blood circulation, leaving the skin radiant and clear.

2. It will strengthen eye muscles, lifting the eyebrows, diminishing eye bags and crow's feet.

Improves aged hooded eyes and is great if you suffer from that tired look.

3. Minimize and erases forehead lines and wrinkles.

Great for those who tend to concentrate stress in this area.

4. It will delay, erase and diminish wrinkles around the mouth.

Ideal for people with wrinkles from smoking.

5. It will get rid of ugly jowls, which can make you look really old even if you are not.

6. It will define the jaw area.

A must for those with double chins!

7. It will re-position the cheek muscles giving you a more defined cheek. Ideal for those with chubby or sagging cheeks.

8. It will diminish neck wrinkles, giving the appearance of a longer neck.

Essential for people with a turkey neck.

Cynthia Rowland facial exercise program review

9. Overall, your face will look better than ever, with lifted sculpted features and improved complexion.

Why Choose Facial Magic?

As I said before the factor that separates this face exercise program from others is that it follows an effective technique.

This technique isolates, anchor and contract the facial muscles to lift, tighten and re-position them.

Cynthia Rowland Facial Magic ExercisesGet into the habit of doing face exercises to tighten up the skin

Many women and men that have used Facial Magic have had fantastic results, looking 10 or 15 years younger.

It can seriously take years off your appearance if you take your appearance seriously.

What I mean by this is that you need to commit to practice the exercises daily.

With our busy lives sometimes we don't have time to do everything we want during the day, and we leave out things that we consider are less important.

But if you think about it, you are investing in your appearance now to avoid expensive and risky cosmetic surgery in the future, and that's important to me.

For that motive, is essential that you devote a few minutes of your daily busy live to practice the exercises.

Stick with the routine and you will be greatly surprised by its benefits.

Another thing that is great about Cynthia Rowland facial exercise program is that you start by doing just two exercises, and as your muscles get stronger more exercises are added to the mix.

This way is easier to stick with the program as you just need 2 or 3 minutes to start with.

Of course as more exercises are added you will need more time, but it won't be difficult once you have seen the results.

There are 18 exercises in total with clear instructions on how to practice them.

With your Facial Magic Starter Kit order you will receive a DVD, a CD, a book, 3 pairs of white cotton gloves and 2-1oz. Facial Magic Daily Lift.

Cynthia Rowland facial exercises program is the one for me and if you want to look younger without wasting money in expensive lotions and potions I will recommend that you give it a go.

What are you going to lose except your wrinkles?

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