Coleman Lay Z Spa Hot Tub Review, Is This Inflatable Jacuzzi Worth It?

Coleman lay z spa hot tub review - Discover what it has to offer, the main features and benefits, the price, the cost of running, the reviews and where to buy it.

Nothing beats a nice soothing soak in a bubbly hot tub, and the Coleman Lay Z Spa is just the perfect addition to your home. 

Being inflatable, this portable spa comes with all the convenience of owning a hot tub but without the hassle of electrical and plumbing concerns that come with installing a new hot tub. 

It is also very easy to deflate and pack up thus providing the convenience of allowing you to carry your inflatable hot tub with you on your camping trips. Besides, the best part of all has to be the fact that this hot tub can comfortably fit 4-6! 

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Coleman Lay Z Spa Hot Tub Review: Features

1. SaluSpa Massage system

The 120 jets integrated within this portable Jacuzzi are powerful and highly efficient guaranteeing effective hydro-massage to all its users. 

2. Rapid-heating system

The heating process of this tub is computer-regulated meaning the process is factory-designed to be accelerated to save on energy and time. 

With the Coleman Lay Z Spa system, water heats up at a rate of 2-3Â F/hour meaning it would take approximately 24 hours for the hot tub to reach the desired temperature of 104ÂF. 

Keep in mind that this will vary depending on the initial temperature of the water you started off with.

TIP: The hot tub will heat up faster if you fill it up with water that is already hot or warm. Sunny days will also help to speed up heating the water.

3. Safety Thermostat 

The maximum water temperature this hot tub can achieve is 104Â Fahrenheit, and a safety thermostat regulates this to prevent overheating which can further result in serious injuries or even a fire. 

4. Integrated water filtration

Like all other Coleman hot tubs, this one too features an integrated water filtration system. Considering that multiple users could be in the tub at once, the purity of the water can be of major concern. 

The filtration system automatically restarts whenever the heating system is activated, and it continues to operate even after the heating system has been switched off. 

5.  Digital Control Panel

This stylish egg-shaped gadget contains all the controls for the hot tub, and it is very easy to operate. An added advantage is the child-safety control feature. 

Coleman lazy spa featuring a digital timerColeman lazy spa featuring a digital timer

6. Insulated and Reinforced Jacuzzi Walls

To retain heat, the sides of this hot tub are made from a 3-layer formula. The tri-tech material comprises polyester in the middle covered by PVC on both sides. This improves not only the heat-retaining capability of the tub, but it also renders the walls puncture-resistant. 

The sturdiness of the Coleman Lay Z Spa walls is enhanced further by the use of I-Beam construction filling the inner spaces of the walls. These prop up the walls giving them sturdiness even when leaned against by an adult. 

This way, the users will not tumble over or buckle the sides of the hot tub while taking a relaxing soak. 

7. Cushioned Air Pad Floor

This cushioned floor is super comfortable to the feet, and back you will not feel the need to add chairs or cushions to your Jacuzzi. Its design offers the added advantage of retaining heat within the hot tub, and also features a quick-drain system for when you want to pack the hot tub up or put it away. 

8. Insulation Blanket

This ground mat sits on top of the grass, underneath the spa, to help with insulation thus minimizing loss of heat through the base of the inflatable hot tub.

9. Pool Cover

The cover is coated with aluminium foil for insulation measure, but it is also a safety to keep small kids from drowning in the hot tub. At the same time, the cover keeps the Jacuzzi clean. 

Top Benefits

These are the benefits that owning a coleman lay z spa will bring:

  •  Portable and inflatable. 
  • At under $400, the Coleman Lay Z Inflatable Spa is very affordable. 
  • Requires minimal maintenance as compared to other hot tubs. 
  • Easy to set up and inflate, and no tools are required.
  • Gives soothing hydro-massage.
  • No ladder/steps are required when getting into the tub. 
  • The tubs pump and heater produce a soothing hum when running.   
  • For energy efficiency, the pump and heater automatically shut off after 72 hours. 

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When inflated, the exterior dimensions of the hot tub are 77" x 77" x 28," and the interior dimensions are 56"x 56"x 24".

It can hold a capacity of 254 gallons of water and weighs 2,701 lbs when filled with water. The tub can accommodate up to 6 people and its power cord measures 12.5ft in length. 

Coleman Lazy Spa is great fun. Invite your friends or family around for a great spa day

Usage Costs

How much does a lay z spa cost to run?

It would be important to note that the exact operation costs of the Coleman Lay Z Inflatable Hot Tub will depend on quite a number of factors. On the overall though, expect to incur the following general costs:

  • Electricity: $20 - $150 per month.
  • Chemicals: $10 to $20 per month.
  • Replacement Filters: $175 per year (when replaced every week).
  • Water: Can't say for sure because it depends on how often you are going to use your lazy spa.

Coleman lazy Spa Hot Tub Problems & Solutions

Although most people who buy the Coleman lazy spa don't run into problems, there are some common troubles you could encounter that have easy solutions.

Q: I have set up my inflatable hot tub correctly but why wont the pump run? 

A: Your pump might be too cold. Just disconnect it, take it indoors and let it sit for a while. After it has warmed up, reconnect the system and try running it again. 

Q: Why is my Lay Z Spa not heating up to the correct temperature?

A: It may be a computer glitch, or your pump could be clogged up with dirt and debris. to fix the former, start by activating a thermal reset while referring to the instructional DVD that came with your hot tub. 

To fix a clogged pump, try the backwash procedure also indicated in your Owner Manual. 

Q: Why do the sidewalls of my bathtub constantly deflate on me? 

A: The valve through which you pump air might have lost its sealing ability. This is mainly brought about by temperature variations. To fix the problem, simply make sure the tub is sitting on the ground correctly.

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