Best Laser for Hair Growth | Do Laser Combs Really Work to Treat Hair Loss at Home? | HairMax Laser Comb Review

Laser for hair growth treatments. Do combs and helmets work to treat hair loss at home?

Are you loosing your hair and desperately want to find a solution to your hair loss problem? 

If this is your concern you are not alone because millions of people around the globe, including myself, are right now facing this issue.

Up until now I have tried many natural cures, over the counter and dermatologist treatments, and although some have helped more than others, I haven't found that miraculous solution we all want to discover.

With this in mind I have decided to venture into the world of hair loss laser treatment and discover as much as I can about it. 

I must confess I have been thinking on investing in home laser combs or helmets for my hair loss problem but first I want to find out what others with the same problem as me are saying.

So, let's learn how these treatments work and whether they have any benefits for hair loss.

Do Laser Treatments Really Work for Hair Loss?

Home lasers for hair growthDo home lasers for hair growth work?

Low Laser Light (LLT) therapy for hair loss is everywhere, whether it's announced on a poster in a doctor's office, in ads on the radio, or in TV infomercials. 

But does it really work? Are there studies proving this technique?

Many people are skeptical, but it truly seems like a phenomenon. In talk shows, people provide testimonies, and swear it works, but not all scientific professionals are convinced.

First, one thing to understand is that a laser is a specific device. Whether it's the laser a supermarket cashier uses, the one in your laser printer, or one made specifically for hair loss treatment, they all work the same way.

Just like the hair loss laser will penetrate under the skin, sending photons of light in your body, so will the other types of lasers as well, and that's one argument people use to show that there's no reason a laser would help with hair loss: there's no evidence of store clerks getting an adverse effect, where hair would grow on their hands after using the laser.

However, that doesn't stop a lot of people who have tried a laser comb to swear they saw a difference. Often, the quality of hair growth varies depending on which area the laser was used on.

Often the hair loss laser treatment was used on the forehead and it worked there, but didn't work on the bald spot on top of their head. 

This kind of result is something some scientists point to when saying it's not based on actual science.

Professionals do have some studies, such as positive results on various animals, where hair growth was triggered by lasers. 

However, there are few real studies on human beings. Often, hair loss laser experts will claim that their treatment will increase thickness by around 10%.

But results are never guarantee, and they vary widely, which makes real conclusions hard to reach. The idea is that the laser stimulates hair follicles and improve their abilities to grow hair.

Hair Growth Lasers Benefits

Best laser hair growth home deviceWhat is the best laser comb for hair loss you can use at home?

On the plus side, the benefit of hair loss lasers is that it's a permanent solution. By using the treatment several times over a period of time, often 6 months, patients are expected to see an improvement in hair loss, and often a thickening of their hair.

The results will also be dependent on how powerful the laser was. There are large machines which contain up to 9 lasers in them, that are promoted as more powerful than a typical lasercomb. Of course they are also more expensive.

Another characteristic to take into account is the wavelength of the laser. 670 nm is the average in lasers, but varying it will modify how well the light can be absorbed in the body. When absorption is better, the photochemistry result, where the photons interact with hair follicles, is also better.

The take away from this is that even today, laser hair therapy is not completely understood, and there's no absolute proof either way.

A lot of people decide to go for it, try out one of the countless laser hair loss treatments, and have good success with it. Others, not so much. 

It can depend on a multitude of factors, from genes to the actual laser you use. The only sure way to find out is to try it out.

Best Laser Hair Growth for Hair Loss | HairMax LaserComb Review

best laser hair growth for hair lossBest laser hair growth for hair loss

I have decided to review the HairMax Laser Comb because is one the most popular brands out there and because is one of the few hair loss treatments approved by the FDA, so I was curious.

At the time of writing this article there are only 3 products for hair loss approved by the FDA, one of them is the HairMax LaserComb and the other two are Minoxidyl (men and women) and Propecia (just for men). 

It treats androgenetic alopecia in males and females.

The manufacturer claims that those who use the laser comb consistently will get a much healthier and thicker hair in about 12 to 16 weeks. 

Other claims about the HairMax laser comb include:

1. Reversing the thinning process

2. Stimulating hair growth

3. Increasing density

4. Energizing the hair follicles

How HairMax Laser Comb Works?

The HairMax LaserComb uses low level laser therapy delivering laser light directly into the hair follicles, encouraging hair growth.

It also increases blood flow to the scalp which in turn accelerates the removal of waste products such as DHT (a male sex hormone that reduces the absorption of important nutrients essential for healthy hair follicles).

The hair parting teeth allow the light to easily reach the scalp and the follicles to achieve better results.

This technology allows the hair follicles to become healthier, reversing the thinning process and re-growing thicker, stronger and healthier hair.

Depending on the model the time it takes to complete the treatment varies from 8 to 15 minutes. It is recommended to use it three days per week. 

To use it glide the laser comb over the scalp slowly.

3 Similar Models

1- Advanced 7 - $295

2- Lux 9 - $495

3- Professional 12 - $545

The models are very similar, the main differences apart from the price are few additional features in the more expensive models and the time needed to complete the treatment. The Professional 12 model takes 8 minutes, the Lux 9 takes 11 minutes and the Advanced 7 will take 15 minutes.

Side Effects?

The HairMax laser comb has been consistently safe, with no major side effects reported.

What Are the Results?

Does the HairMax laser comb really works? While some users see results in as little as two or three weeks for most of them it takes longer to see a difference, others have seen no changes at all. 

I have read lots of reviews, and opinions are divided. Some users are really happy with the results they are experiencing while others would not recommend this product.

Is The HairMax Comb for You?

It is recommended to start using this treatment in the early stages of hair loss because the ratio of success is higher. 

If, however, the hair loss is in a more advance stage it can still be used as a part of a hair loss program where you incorporate other treatments.

The only way to know for sure if the comb laser is effective is to try it yourself, but not everyone have the cash to invest in one. 

If you can afford it give it a try, but make sure you use it properly. Also you have to give it time to work because different people experience different results.

Some users have complained about the time it takes to complete the treatment each day because they are busy people and can't afford to invest the required time (max. 15 minutes). If you want to try the laser but find yourself that the time is an inconvenience the next best thing is a laser helmet.

Helmets are easier to use because you just place them on your head and they will do the job. Laser helmets work in the same way as laser combs because it uses the same technology. They tend to be more expensive so think carefully if you want to invest on a laser helmet before you buy it.

What I'm Using Right Now

In case you are interested and want to give it a go what I'm using right now is high strength Biotin and Nizoral shampoo to block androgen receptors.

Another thing that I'm using when I want to go out, especially at night is XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers. This is my favorite out of all the hair concealers I have tried.

I have heard some people using Saw palmetto for hair loss with success but since it can have quite a lot of side effects I'm not sure this supplement is right for me.

I have used Minoxidil as part of my hair loss program but had to stop using it after I noticed increased heart palpitations.

Having tried many hair loss treatments I want to incorporate a low level laser treatment into my hair loss regimen so I want look deeper into home lasers for hair growth and decide which one is right for me.

Bottom Line

If you are experiencing hair loss the sooner you act the better the outcome will be. Don't wait to take action, research all you can and discover what works for others in the same situation. 

Many times you will need to try several treatments to see if they have a real impact. 

In my case I haven't found a single treatment or product that works on its own so I'm using different approaches as part of a hair loss program.

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