Best Antioxidant Rich Berries | Get All the Benefits of Blueberries, Cranberries & Goji Berries for Health & Skin

What are best antioxidant rich berries and what are the main health and skin benefits?

Berries are among one of the healthiest foods you could eat. They not only taste great but the benefits of berries in regards to our health are many.

They are, in fact, so good that even bears enjoy them!

Below you will find the health and skin care benefits of blueberries, cranberries and goji berries.

In the summertime bears eat non stop, hoping to store fat on their bodies so when the cold weather arrives they look for a spot to curl up after which they get to sleep through the winter months.

Which berries have the highest antioxidant power? Top health  | skin care benefits of berries & healthy fruit recipes.Which berries have the highest antioxidant power? Top health | skin care benefits of berries & healthy fruit recipes.

Now, the behavior of bears probably won't look like a thing you need to go along with.

In fact, health professionals are forever alerting all of us that we must not overindulge, and also that we need to be active for optimal health.

There is however one aspect of the black bear's practices we should in fact attempt to emulate, because doing so will be beneficial to our overall health.

Black bears consume a lot of types of berries including raspberries, strawberries, along with blueberries. Fruits like antioxidant berries have natural sugars as well as superb flavors.

And in contrast to a lot of foods which taste very good but which often are not healthy for you, berries are one of the most healthy foods you could actually eat.

It is only been within the past ten years that experts began to devote a great deal of attention to the many benefits of berries.

Best Antioxidant Rich Berries & Research

What scientists are discovering about the health benefits of eating berries is good news for people trying to lose fat.

Antioxidant BerriesBenefits of eating berries everyday for the skin.

One of the initial significant studies about the health benefits of berries was held at Tufts University around a decade ago.

Experts used a number of ageing rats. They gave the rats different foods to discover what the results will be. Among the many foods they tried were strawberries, blueberries, and also spinach.

All these rodents were quite old in "rat years". They were 70 years old in human years.

The foods that researchers tested were quite high in anti-oxidants, so now the experts needed to see if any one of these foods could improve the mental and physical capacities of those ageing rodents.

They discovered that although a number of these foods appeared to provide some anti-oxidant defense, the rats that were given blueberries ended up being the only ones that really increased in their capabilities.

The rats that eat blueberries could actually function like considerably younger rats!

That was a really interesting discovery, and then the researchers needed to uncover exactly what it was in the blueberries that provided this kind of benefit.

Apparently, the substances responsible for causing those ageing rats to behave mentally far more younger, turned out to be the pigments on the skin of the blueberries.

The chemical compounds which give berries their lovely color are the same chemical substances that contain such type of powerful antioxidant properties.

And anti-oxidants are chemical substances which help restore part of the harm that takes place in the body cells each day. Experts discovered that the darker the berries, the greater health advantages it offers!

Feeding on 2/3 of a pot of blueberries will provide you with just as much antioxidant defense as 5 helpings of apples or squash.

The black pigmentation of these berries appear to provide defense from heart disease, degenerative eye conditions like cataracts, and may also provide help on the prevention of various types of cancer, along with bladder infections.

In the event that the results on the rats become also real for people, it might imply that substances on these black berries could help safeguard brain cells from degenerative conditions regarding the aging process.

Berries are also excellent to prevent the aging of the skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

You can obtain this amazing anti-oxidant power whether you consume the berries fresh, frozen, and even dried.

Next, we are going to talk about the benefits of blueberries, cranberries and goji berries.

Eat Blueberries to Boost Health & Skin!

Benefits of eating blueberries everyday for health & skin. Antioxidant blueberry smoothie.Benefits of eating blueberries everyday for health & skin. Antioxidant blueberry smoothie.

Blueberries are not only nutritious but delicious too!

They are packed with antioxidants like flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K,vitamin B-6 & magnesium. They are also high in fibber.

What are the health benefits of blueberries? 

Get into the habit of eating blueberries everyday to boost your immune system and brain, prevent heart related diseases and cancer, keep your eyes healthy, prevent urinary track infections and boost your digestion.

What are the benefits of blueberries for the skin?

Blueberries have many anti-aging benefits including the skin. If you want to delay or reverse wrinkles, boost elasticity, reduce scars and blemishes, diminish age spots, get glowing skin and reduce skin's oil get munching on berries now.

Below you will find 2 healthy and easy blueberry recipes.

Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Recipe 

The following healthy blueberry breakfast recipe is a smoothie full of goodness thanks to the health benefits of this antioxidant. There are plenty of blueberries recipes, but this one is easy to make if you don't have much time in the mornings.

To make this blueberry breakfast smoothie you will need: 

  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • raspberries
  • pineapple
  • milk, soya milk, almond milk or fresh juice

Just mix all the ingredients and choose between milk, soya milk or any kind of juice, preferable fresh juice. If you don't have all the ingredients, skip one or two but is important that you add the pineapple. 

Don't buy juice made from concentrated juice as is very high in sugar. Almond milk is preferable to cow's milk because of all the health benefits that almonds contain.

Is better to drink it in the morning, before breakfast or as a breakfast as this will clean your body, getting rid of toxins.

This blueberry smoothie is very effective for people with constipation problems and very good for improving the skin's appearance, especially aged skin.

Blueberry Breakfast Recipe

This is a very easy and healthy blueberry recipe to enjoy for breakfast.

You will need:

  • Blueberries
  • Natural yogurt
  • Cornflakes
  • Sunflower seeds

Place the yogurt in a bowl, then add your favorite cornflakes or oats, preferable whole wheat and low in sugar. Then add some blueberries and sprinkle sunflower seeds over the top and voila! Very easy, quick and healthy.

You can add any other kind of berries and seeds. 

If you like honey you can add a little bit, just be careful if you are keeping an eye on your weight because although blueberries are low in calories, honey isn't.

Other suggestions:

  • Sprinkle them in your porridge, yogurts and cereals.
  • Add them to salads and desserts.
  • Place them in a mixer and add them to sauces and soups.

9 Health Benefits of the Antioxidant Cranberry

What are the benefits of cranberries and cranberry juice? This antioxidant might be a small red fruit, but it packs quite a few benefits.

From helping to improve vision to reducing cholesterol, this little gem is just what the doctor prescribed. Cranberries are rich in antocianos and caroteinoids, which are the pigments responsible for its color and its antioxidant properties.

Just keep reading to find out what this antioxidant berry can do for your health.

1. Improves sight. Due to its antioxidant properties, cranberries help to protect sight.

The flavonoids help to repair nervous cells in the retina, improving night vision and preventing glaucoma and cataracts. 

2. Improves blood circulation. They help to prevent cholesterol, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis and heart related problems.

3. It has anti-cancerous benefits. Cranberries are very rich in clorogenic acid, which has anti cancerous properties.

The latest research shows that these small fruits help to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, especially in the stomach, liver, colon and the skin.

4. The latest research shows that these small fruits help to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, especially in the stomach, liver, colon and the skin.

5. Effective in reducing cystitis.

6. The benefits of cranberry juice to prevent urinary track infections has been proven by researchers.

7. Is good for the intestine and for anemia.

8. Is ideal for those controlling their weight as is very low in calories with a great content of water.

9. Cranberries are rich in vitamin c, helping with collagen production, and delaying cellular oxidation.

Antioxidant Cranberry Juice & Smoothie

Antioxidant cranberry juice recipe. Excellent benefits for health & skin and so delicious!Drinking cranberry juice has many benefits for health and the skin

There are many recipes that we can prepare with cranberries to improve our health and the condition of the skin. Is a good way of getting all the antioxidant nutrients the body needs. One of the best way to get antioxidant benefits is drinking juices such as the one below.

Try it and you will be hooked!

For a tasty juice with antioxidant properties mix natural unsweetened cranberry juice with an apple and few pieces of pineapple. 

Liquefy the apple and pineapple and mix the juice with the cranberry juice. It makes a healthy start to the day.

A good smoothie for acne and the skin - Blend cranberries with a handful of blackberries and raspberries. Add fat free natural yogurt or semi skimmed milk. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Goji Berries?

Goji berries antioxidant benefits for health & skin. Goji berry skin care products and DIY anti aging face masks to reduce wrinkles and get glowing skinDIY goji berry face masks with antioxidant power to boost your skin

Goji berry health benefits are amazing and everyone should be aware of them. Goji berries are called the "elixir of youth" for a reason. 

The Tibetan Goji berry and its juice have four quite unique Polysaccharides that are regarded to be anti-aging and are packed with minerals and vitamins as well as antioxidants.

The four Polysaccharides which haven't been found in any other plant worldwide, give the antioxidant Goji berry its extraordinary anti aging power.

The oldest living humans on the planet just to eat these berries in soups and refreshments every day and they lived over one hundred years in a very active and energetic way.

They often ate fruit and vegetables, and only a very small portion of animal fats. These individuals had absolutely no manufactured foods or fast foods on their eating habits, existing in some of the toughest and distant parts on the planet.

Goji Berry Benefits & Nutrition

The Goji berry has long been used in conventional Tibetan treatments for hundreds of years! The crops grow like bushes with vines which get to more than fifteen feet.

These berries are practically never collected by hand because they will oxidize and become dark when touched whilst still fresh. They are placed in mats, and later leave to dry in the dark.

Goji berries could be used in shakes and juice cocktails. It has polysaccharides, which helps to strengthen the body's defense mechanisms.

It's the most powerful source of carotenoids of all widely known foods across the world! This berry is a potent antioxidant which is generally considered to strengthen one's body from illness.

Goji juice is high in trace minerals and has a substantial amount of zinc, calcium, germanium, phosphorus and selenium in addition to smaller amounts of several others.

These berries are some of the most recognized of sensual tonic herbs in Asia and it has been proven to increase libido.

In Mongolia it's regularly used by expectant mothers on the very first months in order to avoid morning sickness. It is a gentle and soothing fruit that is loaded with goodness.

Goji berries research - In a number of studies with older people Goji was taken once daily during three weeks, with numerous effective benefits being observed.

On top of that, the final results discovered that most of the sufferers character as well as optimism improved considerably, appetite increased in about 95% of the subjects, 95% slept much better and 35% partly restored their sensual performance.

Interesting Facts About Goji Berries

One of the Goji berry benefits is that contains zero toxicity. Even so like other fruits, it shouldn't be taken should you suffer from spleen problems with dampness and diarrhea.

Studies carried out at the Mongolian Institute revealed that Goji has also been used in the treatments of atrophic gastritis, weaker digestion because of to decreased stomach activity.

Sufferers received ten grams of the entire fruit, 3 times every single day just before meals for a couple of months and even longer with fantastic results.

Goji berry juice is made up of eight types of amino acids (6 times greater compared to bee pollen).

Goji juice possess twenty one trace minerals, (of which the major ones are zinc, iron and copper) and five-hundred times the quantity of C vitamin when compared with oranges.

It is also packed with vitamin E and B1, B2, B6. It is well-known for its anti aging properties and to regain energy and improve well-being.

A curious fact, that many are skeptical to believe, is that the Chinese herbalist Li Qing Yuen, who actually supposedly lived to the age of 252 years (1678-1930), enjoyed the benefits of the Goji berry every day, the most well-documented case of extreme long life known.

As you can see Goji berries health benefits are great and even if we don't live that long is a good idea to incorporate them in our daily diet if only for the Goji berry benefits that we are going to receive.

Top 7 Benefits of Goji Berries for Skin

1. Effective in protecting the skin from external factors & sun damage

2. It keeps the skin moisturized

3. Boost collagen production

4. Improves skin's elasticity

5. It has anti aging skin care benefits such as helping to reduce wrinkles

6. Reduces brown spots and pigmentation

7.  Helps to reduce inflammation hence skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis & rosacea

3 DIY Goji Berry Face Masks

1. Homemade Face Mask for Sun Damaged Skin

Blend 5 red grapes with 3 spoons natural yogurt, few goji berries and an egg yolk.

Extend this mixture over the skin & leave to soak for 30 minutes.

Rinse with lukewarm water.

2. DIY Face Mask for Glowing & Healthy Skin 

Blend a handful of goji berries with 7 almonds. 

Add 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon lemon juice.

If the mixture is too dry add a bit of water.

Let the mask sink in for 20 minutes and remove.

3. DIY Facial Mask for Wrinkles

Blend few goji berries with few strawberries.

Add a spoon of honey and a vitamin E capsule.

Let the mask work for approximately 20 minutes and rinse off.

Get Munching On Berries!

You could try eating the antioxidant berries fresh, combine them with your preferred cereal products, or perhaps have a smoothie mix with assorted berries, fresh fruits, milk and yogurt.

Get resourceful and look for ways to combine berries in your favorite meals.

In United States, blueberries can be found fresh and frozen throughout the year.

If you're unable to obtain fresh antioxidant berries, then dried berries are as well packed with really concentrated amount of important anti-oxidants.

If you are living in a area in which blueberries aren't available, try to find similar fruits and berries which have really dark red or dark purple colors.

Other foods that are a rich source of antioxidants include black raspberries, pomegranates, bilberries, saskatoons, cherries, serviceberries and cranberries.

You can find on these foods similar health benefits as in blueberries.

So, consider including at least one habit of bears in your diet and lifestyle - and let antioxidant berries be a regular companion in your diet!

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