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Many people in India and worldwide use Ayurveda skin care tips to take care of their skin but how this skin care system came about? 

Ayurveda, otherwise known as "knowledge of long life", has been a system of medicine used way back in the origins of the Indian subcontinent.

This system balances out the body, mind, spirit, and senses and believes also that we feel with our skin.

The skin is the most affected area of our bodies and is more prone to dirt, pollution, grime, disease, tension, weather change, change in lifestyle and other ailments with the most common being Luekoderma and Psoriasis.

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Ayurveda Lifestyle And Wellness

The Ayurveda system includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle that incorporates meditation, healthy eating, and keeping a pure mind and spirit or soul.

A pure mind and spirit helps the body in daily activities such as digestion, respiration, and blood circulation.


Discover Ayurveda skin care and beauty tips for your face. Get to know your Ayurveda skin type and lifestyle, home skin care recipes, skin care products and remedies for a healthy skin glow.Ayurvedic skin care tips, home remedies, beauty tips and skin care products for glowing skin

Because the type of foods we put into our bodies controls the overall health of the body including our skin, Ayurveda science is all about eating the right kind of foods that not only balances out the mind, body, spirit and senses, but the appearance which includes skin and hair as well.

Ayurvedic Diet

The Ayurveda diet uses proper food combinations on the idea of shad rasa or in other words, six tastes.

These include:

1 - Sweet
2 - Sour
3 - Pungent
4 - Salty
5 - Astringent
- Bitter

3 Skin Types in Ayurveda

There are certain types of skin in the Ayurveda skin care system.

These include the Vata, Pitta, and the Kapha.

1. The Vata skin is delicate, soft, and radiant.

When it becomes unbalanced, it becomes dry and flaky. It often times will appear thin and transparent if not balanced out correctly.

Ayurveda Vata skin has smaller pores than most other types of skin and can sometimes appear grayish or bluish in skin hue.

Foods for the Vata skin type are sweet, sour, and salty tasting foods focusing less on the hot, pungent, and bitter tastes.

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2. The Pitta skin is rosy, glowing, and healthy.

It can become bloodshot if exposed to sunbathing. The nose, scalp, and back of the neck are the predominant Pitta areas.

Ayurveda Pitta skin is more prone to acne, pimples, and lesions. Pitta foods are more bitter, sweet and astringent rather than salty, sour and pungent.

3. The Kapha skin is typically free of fine lines and wrinkles and dryness.

It is usually oily and smooth. The Kapha skin is more prone to problems such as cystic acne and edema.

The predominant Kapha areas are the chin and neck. Ayurveda Kapha foods are more bitter, pungent and astringent rather than salty, sour and sweet.

Some common remedies on Ayurveda skin care are oil baths, which act as a tonic for our dermis. Massage oil into the skin and wash off with certain herbs such as gram flour, rita, amla or besan. This brings out the natural glow in the skin and prevents different skin ailments.

Ayurveda herbs body washes are common, drinking lots of water and applying certain foods to the skin such as cucumber and papaya pulp.

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3 Ayurveda Skin Care Natural Recipes & Beauty Routine

Ayurveda experts advice that you work with an Ayurveda professional so as to have a custom program suiting your individual needs.


I love these Ayurveda skin hair|skin care home remedies and skin care products to get glowing and healthy skin the natural way. Make them on a weekly basis and you will notice the difference.Discover what's your skin type according to Ayurveda. Home remedies for shiny hair and glowing skin

You however can work with the tips mentioned below. They are designed by experts and are safe for all skin types, women, men and children alike.

A full body skincare broken into three steps of cleanse, nourish, and moisturize will ensure a lovely and radiant skin.

1. Cleanse

In order to achieve a cleansed skin daily, it’s recommended you make an ubtan, this is simply done by mixing chickpea flour, a natural defoliant and dry milk powder for nourishing in equal parts.

Mix two tea spoonful with water in the palm of your hand and gently scrub the resulting paste over wet skin. Rinse it off then pat dry.

2. Nourish & Moisturize

A mix of one ounce of almond oil with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil will do magic to your skin.

Simply warm the bottle in hot water then give yourself a great massage all over the body.

The massage nourishes your body while the oil acts as a wonderful moisturizer. It tones your muscles, enhances the skin luster and complexion.

3. Glowing Facial Skin

To achieve a glowing beautiful facial skin, the above principles apply.

  • You have to cleanse, nourish and moisturize it every day.
  • A simple 5 minute routine is all you need to have the best facial skin around.
  • Begin by bathing your face in warm water so the dead skin soaks making them easy to remove during the scrub.
  • Make an ubtan with oat flour and water then use your middle and ring finger into the paste gently press it to your face.
  • A natural way to strip off dead skin cells without removing your natural skin oils.
  • In order to moisten the skin, spritz some plain water or rose water on the face using a spray bottle.
  • And to finish, apply a coat of jojoba oil to lock in the moisture while the skin is still wet. This oil is known to cause no irritation to the facial skin since it’s so close to sebum.

3 Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Shiny Hair

If you want to have lustrous and shiny hair make this Ayurveda beauty recipes at home and you will see your hair become healthier every time you use them.

1. Increase hair thickness - Mix Amla power with warm water. Make a paste and apply all over the hair. After 15 minutes remove with your usual shampoo.

2. Boost scalp blood circulation - Massage the scalp with rosemary oil. For an intense treatment leave overnight and remove in the morning.

3Healthy, smooth and shiny hair - Use aloe vera gel from a plant. You should leave the plant you are going to use in an horizontal position in the night time. This step is essential to get rid of sap. Discard the sap and extract the gel. 

Once you have collected all the gel, mix it with half lemon juice and one spoon of honey. Leave the gel to act for about 29 minutes and wash as usual.

Final Point

Ayurveda skin care starts with finding out your skin type and eating the proper foods to help maintain it. It understands that everyone is unique and has especial needs.

Finding a good Ayurvedic practitioner might be beneficial to help you find your way to eternal youth.

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