Anti Aging Pillow, A Dream Come True for Wrinkles? | Top 3 Pillows

Could an anti aging pillow make us look younger and wrinkle free?

Well, yes and no.

Anti wrinkle pillows won't get rid of the wrinkles and lines that you already have on your face, but it can help in preventing new ones from forming.

Sleeping wrinkles? 

You might have noticed that when you sleep on one side, the next morning your face have marks or creases that it didn't have the night before.

Or if you already had wrinkles, most probably, these will be deeper.

These lines are called "sleeping wrinkles" and they are one added factor that make the skin look older, even if you are not old.

Top 3 Anti Wrinkle Pillows & Pillowcase

The best way to avoid sleeping wrinkles is to sleep on your back the whole night, but this can be really difficult.

Most of us change sleeping positions through the night without even being aware, so how are we going to be able to control this?

The reality of the matter is that it will be very difficult unless you do something drastic like sewing ping pong balls to your pajamas.

I know, you can laugh, but apparently some people do this in order to avoid sleeping wrinkles.

1- Anti-Pressure Face Pillow

Not all pillows to prevent wrinkles are equal. 

We have the anti-pressure face pillow beneficial for both; body and face.

This is a soft pillow made with high quality fiber that allows to retain its form.

This shaped pillow provides a small lift to the face avoiding the pressure that causes facial lines while at the same time protects the neck and spine.

As your head is gently raised your breathing will improve, and this will help to get rid of toxins, giving you a smoother and healthier skin.

The wrinkle prevention pillow comes with a silk pillowcase and is ideal to prevent face, neck and chest creases. Since the face doesn't press into the pillow the night skin care products will last longer.

Wrinkle Prevention Pillow Video

2- My Face Pillow

Next is this face saver pillow which allows you to sleep the whole night on your back without worrying about folds and creases because it is designed in such a way that your face won't touch it.

Its is made of foam memory which makes it very soft and comfortable.

Its specific design supports the head comfortably and since the face is not in direct contact with the pillow it will be easier to avoid lines and folds.

It is also beneficial to prevent breakouts as it allows the skin to breathe naturally.

MyFacePillow offers added benefits such as improving posture, avoiding neck and chest creases and preventing muscle breakdown.

3- Anti Aging Pillowcase with Copper

This anti aging pillow case manufactured by the company Coupron is made with copper-oxide, and is said to not only avoid facial wrinkles but to improve the ones you already have.

The theory behind is that copper can boost collagen production and help to iron out wrinkles.

Copper peptides are widely used as effective anti anti aging skin care ingredients by cosmetic companies.

Researchers at this company found that after a study made with 57 people during 4 weeks the ones sleeping on pillowcases with copper oxide presented fewer wrinkles and lines, fewer crow's feet and an important improvement in the skin's texture and appearance.

Here you have a great alternative to copper peptides pillowcases.

The Fishers Finery 100% pure silk pillowcase will keep the skin healthy and the hair tangle-free.

It is hypoallergenic and comes in a variety of colors.

As you can see these anti-aging face pillows can work wonders for your wrinkles and lines.

You could now add this little known beauty secret to your arsenal of anti aging skin care tips to keep your skin looking smoother and younger for much longer.

Beauty Benefits of Silk Pillowcases

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