About Me

A little bit about me and what motivates me to keep going with my site.

My name is Bianca and I started skinkissable in 2006 as a go-to place for all your skin needs. I have been researching skin care for over 10 years and have discovered that there are many ways to keep the skin looking great. I'm sharing with you all the tips, tricks and treatments that will make your skin appear younger, clearer and flawless.

For a long time I lived in a very sunny place and I was a sun worshiper.  As a result my skin had pigmentation and was aging faster than I wanted. For this reason I started to research skin care, everything I could find to make my skin look and feel better. I don't like wrinkles or sagging skin and I don't want to age gracefully but amazingly.

Throughout my site I recommend skin care products that I have tried myself and like it or have top ratings from consumers. Feel free to ask me any questions related to skin care or the products I recommend.

This site is for those who think and feel like me. A helping hand towards better skin, a glowing complexion and a younger face.

One thing to keep in mind is that looking good is not only about skin care but a mixture of things. Eating healthy and being relaxed and happy are as important.

I really hope you enjoy browsing through my site and that the advice found here helps you to achieve better skin and health.

Thanks for your visit!

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