Natural Wrinkle Free Skin Care Tips, Ingredients & DIY Creams

Can you get rid of wrinkles in a natural way? Let's see what can we do about it.

Following an effective wrinkle free skin care routine is essential if you want to delay lines and other signs of aging skin as much as possible. Is equally important to understand the causes of facial wrinkles and what can be expected from the choices we make.

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused when the top layer of your skin thins out and loses its moisture and elasticity. When you age, you begin to lose elastin and collagen fibers in your skin which causes sagging skin.

Sun exposure is another culprit of aging skin but we need it to stay alive. Studies indicates that sun damage is responsible for around 80 or 90% of aging skin. 

In moderation, the sun can be good for our bodies; however, when exposed to ultraviolet light for too long, the sun causes the release of damaging free radicals which damage cells and promotes wrinkles and aging.

10 Natural Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

You can start taking care of your skin by feeding your body exactly what it needs. This should include foods for a wrinkle free skin which are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Natural tips to get rid of wrinklesHow to get wrinkle free skin with natural tips

Other tips for a wrinkle free skin include:

1. To give your skin the best chance of being healthy the first step is to find out your skin type. Once you are clear about the type of skin you have it will be easier to find the right skin care products to feed your skin.

2. Good skin cleansing is definitely necessary - Make use of warm water when you are cleansing the face in order to unblock skin pores and remove grime. Use just soap free solutions due to the fact that soap could dry your skin.

3. Skin circulation is important - Apply circular motions with a brush to remove dead skin cells and promote good circulation.

4. Exfoliation and hydration - Proper exfoliation will remove superficial cells in the skin, allowing new cells to take their place. Always moisturize after exfoliation with a natural anti wrinkle skincare product.

5. Defend from ultraviolet light - The ultra violet rays coming from sunlight will certainly harm your epidermis. Using sunscreen which incorporates high SPF will guarantee great protection.

6. Exercise - Working out is a great way to oxygenate the skin and release toxins.

7. Give up alcohol and smoking. Both clog up pores and make the skin look dull.

8. Hydration is critical in the fight against aging because if your skin is dry it will be more prone to wrinkling. Keep the skin properly hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids such as herbal teas.

Try to eat foods that contain vitamin E, vitamins C and B, along with vitamin A. Using skin care products with antioxidants will also help to keep the skin protected from external factors.

9. Sleeping is also important for the skin. If something interrupts your sleep between those hours, the hormone cortisol is produced, which damages collagen fibbers and stresses out the body. Still the recommended hours for a good night sleep and for good skin are seven to eight.

10. Cut sugar and refined curbs to avoid glycation. Glycation is a process where sugar molecules attach to proteins (collagen) in the body and end up forming new molecules that are said to be harmful not only for the body but for the skin too.

Glycation is said to bring forward aging of the skin, damaging collagen and elastin and hence creating wrinkles and other signs of aging. Sugar can be found in many types of food and drinks so remember to check the labels for content sugar. Hidden sugar is normally found in wine, processed foods, sauces, bread, cereals, soups, juices & many drinks.

Using natural products to avoid loading the skin with chemicals is a great choice.

Although these tips often help to prevent the initial indications of aging of the skin, it is very unlikely to totally avoid lines and wrinkles. So, make use of high-quality anti wrinkle skincare products.

8 Natural Ingredients for Wrinkle Free Skin

1. One of the best skin care ingredients is avocado oil. This is because it is rich in vitamins a, d and e, along with beta-carotene, lecithin and potassium and penetrates deep into the skin's layers.

wrinkle free skin care tipsHow do you get rid of wrinkles naturally? By using effective skin care products and tips

2. When you shop for a moisturizer, look for glycerin, Shea butter, olive and other natural oils. Plant based oils are very close to those produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, so they are quickly absorbed and won’t clog the pores.

3. Antioxidant rich creams can help prevent the free radical damage. There is reason to believe that antioxidant creams can help to reverse aging skin. Since they are good for your skin’s health, there’s no reason “not” to give them a try.

4. Grapeseed oil is another essential oil that works as a powerful antioxidant. It also penetrates deep into your skin providing moisture and rejuvenating your skin.

It repairs the skin and reduces stretch marks because it inhibits the oxidation through free radicals process. Grapeseed oil produces an invisible film covering over your skin which blocks moisture in.

5. Phytessence Wakame is considered the fountain of youth because it is loaded with essential nutrients that protect your skin.

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6. Wakame, a type of seaweed used in Oriental cuisine, have great health benefits and is used in cosmetic to reduce skin wrinkles. It leaves the skin soft and smooth.

7. Japanese Sea Kelp, another type of seaweed, has been used for years by Japanese people in skin care.

8. Jojoba oil is one of the most effective anti aging remedies that balances your skin's sebum. Regardless of its name, it does not make skin oily; instead it makes your skin appear less oily and leaves your skin soft and supple.

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3 Home Remedies for Wrinkle Free Skin

Before you make these creams there are few rules you must follow:

  • Clean hands & tools
  • Use dark containers
  • Make small quantities
  • Use a spatula to take the cream from the container
  • Store in a dark place
  • Store in the fridge if is too hot or to prolong its life

1. Homemade Anti Wrinkle Cream 

You will probably find the ingredients in your kitchen. Carrots and honey are ideal to make an anti aging skin care cream.

Incorporate honey (big spoon) to one-quarter tsp freshly produced carrot juice. In a different container, put together tepid water with sodium bicarbonate, just a tiny amount.

Use this carrot-honey blend over the face. Remove carefully using a cotton soaked in the lukewarm water-bicarbonate solution.

natural ingredients for wrinklesNatural anti-wrinkle skin care ingredients

2. Anti Wrinkle Cream Recipe 

Have the following list of ingredients ready and follow the provided directions. 2 spoons of the juice from a cucumber, 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, an egg white,

1 small spoon Rum/Brandy, a teaspoon of Benzoate Sodium. Whip the white part of the egg until is eventually fluffy. Then you need to add all the ingredients one by one until achieving a creamy mixture.

Apply the mixture over the skin with your hands and leave it on from 5 to 10 minutes. Remove using tepid water.

3. Natural DIY Cream for Wrinkles

Melt 4 spoons of coconut oil with 6 spoons of bee wax. Add 1 teaspoon rosehip oil, 1 vitamin e capsule and 1 teaspoon rose oil. Stir well and let it cool.

Avoid making use of these recipes if you are allergic to any of the ingredients and if in doubt consult an skin expert. By following this anti wrinkle skincare advice your skin will be better prepared to avoid the premature formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you are serious about finding wrinkle free skin care, you must understand that it starts with living a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating, exercise, keep the skin hydrated and using organic skin care products for your skin. 

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