The Benefits of Vitamin E for Body and Skin

Because of its powerful antioxidant action the benefits of vitamin E are many and is considered an essential nutrient for good health and beautiful skin. It was discovered in the 20's and is a fat soluble vitamin, which means that is better absorbed with fat in our food.

Is stored in the body mainly in fatty tissue, liver and muscles. It has eight different forms. Alpha-tocopherol is the most common and active form of this vitamin. 

The daily recommended intake (RDA) is 15 mg, so it can be easily ingested from food. However, some experts believe that higher doses of up to 200 mg per day, could be of more benefit for preventing some medical conditions. Supplements are best taken with food. It is recommended to consult your doctor or nutritionist if you are thinking of taking any supplements.

The Many Uses of Vitamin E

The benefits of vitamin e include:

The Health Benefits of Vitamin EWhat are the benefits of taking vitamin E?

  • It has a great antioxidant action protecting the cells, proteins, lipids and genetic material "ADN" and "ARN" from free radical damage.

It is used for preventing and treating some medical conditions such as:

  • Protecting cells from environmental factors: pollution, cigarette smoke, stress, pesticides.

  • Boosting the immune system in the elderly.

  • it is used to treat menstrual pain.

  • To relieve cramp legs.

  • Is good for preventing cataracts and improving vision.

  • Is used for treating Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

  • Is good for preventing conditions affecting the joints like arthritis, rheumatism...

  • Is good for preventing infections.

  • Helps in the treatment of alcoholism, together with vitamin c.

  • Helps with the formation of red blood cells.

  • Protects vitamin a, vitamin c and selenium from destruction.

Research - Vitamin E for Women

Until now it was believed that vitamin E supplements were good for preventing heart disease and cancer among women, it was regarded in fact as the heart vitamin.

Health Benefits of Vitamin EVitamin E for women.

But according to a new research by the Harvard Women's Health Watch, it does not reduce the risk of developing heart disease, and most common forms of cancers like breast, colon and lung among women.

This study took place between 1992 and 2004, in 40.000 healthy women over 45 years old.

With so many studies contradicting each other, confusion is easily created. The best way to get the necessary intake is by eating a healthy and varied diet, rich in antioxidant nutrients.

A lack of vitamin E is very rare, but can occur in premature babies, or low weight born babies. Also in people with difficulty to absorb fat and fat soluble vitamins, and people with deficit biliar and serious anaemia.

Toxicity is very low but a very high intake can lead to tiredness and bleeding problems.

This nutrient is not destroy when cooked in water, but can be destroyed when frying food, with oxygen and with light. Is best kept in a fresh place, away from light.

Is Vitamin E Good for the Skin? 6 Top Benefits

Many people wonder whether vitamin E creams are good for wrinkles on the face, and the simply answer is yes. Since this nutrient is known as a potent antioxidant, many skin care companies have added this antioxidant to their beauty products because: 

Vitamin E FaceTop 6 benefits of vitamin E for the skin.

1- It helps to protect cells from free radical damage, which are responsible for collagen and elastin destruction.

2- Improves blood circulation, boosting skin's elasticity.

3- Vitamin e does help with wrinkles and to delay aging skin.

4- It has skin healing properties and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

5- Protects from ultraviolet light.

6- It might help with acne.

Is vitamin E cream good for your face? Yes it is. Discover how effective it is with the following products:

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