Best Retinol Creams for the Face & 5 Mayor Benefits

I love using retinol creams for my face because they are amazing to get glowing and younger skin.

Research has shown the benefits of retinol at the cellular level making it the most effective ingredient to rejuvenate aging skin and improve its overall appearance.

Retinol is derived from vitamin A and the active form of retinol is called retinoic acid.

What is the difference between the two?

Retinoic acid is much stronger, presenting more side effects and can only be obtained through medical prescription.

On the other hand, retinol serums and creams can be bought over the counter and although they can carry side effects too, these are lesser.

Top 5 Retinol Cream Benefits

The way retinol works is that once is applied to the skin it converts to its active form, retinoic acid, which helps the skin in different ways:

Top Rated Retinol CreamsBest skin care products with retinol.

1. It stimulates collagen production, diminishing lines and wrinkles.

2. Increases the production of cells in the epidermis giving the skin a smoother and younger looking appearance.

3. It is beneficial for sun damaged skin which presents pigmentation issues.

4. It helps to heal mild to medium acne and acne scars.

5. It helps to reduce enlarged pores.

Retinol Side Effects, Is It Safe?

The main side effects that using retinol products can present are skin flakiness, tingling sensation, irritation, redness and peeling.

You need to allow retinol products to work for a period of time, even if you think your skin is getting worst. If you quit earlier you won't be able to see the full extent of its benefits.

Use a small quantity and don't use it every night even if you think that the product isn't strong enough and your skin can cope. You should wait until your skin adjust gradually.

Always, always follow the manufacture's instructions and when in doubt consult with an skin expert.

Dermatologists recommend applying retinol products at night to avoid sun interference and using sunscreen in the morning to protect the skin from sun damage.

It is not recommended for those suffering from rosacea and eczema and for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

3 of the Best Rated Retinol Products for the Face You Can Buy Over the Counter

Benefit Of Retinol ProductsTop rated face retinol creams.

1. New Advanced Watts Beauty 2% Cool Gel Retinol Vitamin Enriched Serum 5

This serum contains 2% retinol and is enriched with four active ingredients to make it even more powerful. The added ingredients in question are green tea, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and lipids, all well known for its anti aging benefits to the skin.

Is a non-greasy fast absorbing serum that will penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to boost elastin and collagen production. The result is clearer, younger and smoother skin.

You will experience the normal side effects that retinol products carry. Watts serum is paraben and fragrance free and has not been tested on animals. The price for this kind of retinol product is not bad either. You can find it cheaper at Amazon.

2. Skinfinite 1% Retinol Night Cream

This is the retinol product I'm using right now and I recommended it because I really like how my skin looks after each use. 

At the moment I'm using only it every other night, and the main side effects I'm noticing are very mild redness and itching.

You can really see how the skin glows immediately after applying the cream. Use only a small amount and extend evenly over the skin.

I use it on the skin surrounding the eyes and my neck too. I know there are manufacturers that recommend avoiding delicate areas but since I haven't noticed any bad reaction I will carry on doing it.

I use it on my neck too because this is an area where wrinkles and sagging skin tend to show very quickly, but if your skin is sensitive or you are unsure if this is the right thing to do for you consult a dermatologist first.

Besides 1% retinol this cream also contains other effective ingredients to hydrate the skin. The ingredients are Shea butter, almond oil and ceramides.

Thanks to its delivery system Skinfinite's platinum cream will minimize wrinkles, reverse sun damaged skin and provide an overall glow to the skin. You can find more information about this product here.

3. Skinceuticals Retinol 1 Maximum Strength Refining Night Cream

A night cream containing 1% pure retinol delivered to the skin using dual time release system.

It helps to reduce pore size, diminish lines as well as wrinkles, reduce pigmentation and boost the skin's texture.

Since this is a high potency retinol product is recommended to use it only twice a week to start with and allow time for the skin to adjust to the retinol.

From there you can increase its use to every other night and finally to every night if you feel that your skin tolerates well the product.

You will probably experience some skin peeling, redness and itching or swollen face. Apply a very small amount, avoiding the skin surrounding the eyes.

Retinol products tend to dry the skin, so using a moisturizer on top of the product is a good idea. To find more information about this product go to Skinceuticals Retinol.

Using Retinol Creams & Serums

Two important things to remember about retinol products:

  • Always use them at night 
  • Always wear sunscreen (SPF 25 recommended) during the day.

Dermatologist Audrey Kunin, M.D. from Dermadoctor recommends using retinol products on its own. She advises not to layer moisturizers or other skin care products on top of the retinol to avoid skin irritations.

If you want to wake up to radiant skin every day I recommend to make retinol products part of your anti aging skin care routine, I'm pretty sure that you won't be disappointed!

For research on how retinol products affect aging skin click here.

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