Why Obagi Skin Care System Is so Effective?

The Obagi skin care system is a perfect choice if you are looking at anti aging products. It was founded in 1988 by Dr Zein Obagi with the aim of pushing skin care to the next level. He is a dermatologist known for challenging conventional skin health and care methods. 

He also established cosmetics that could treat skin conditions irrespective of one's skin color or age, something that is always a challenge for manufacturers of skin care products.

Obagi skin care systemIs Obagi skin care line worth the money?

Today his skin care line is one of the leading manufacturers of both therapeutic and aesthetic skin care cosmetics. His skin care system has continued to gain ground rapidly around the world and is now used in 40 countries.

Its target would be to make it easier to decrease facial wrinkles, invigorate your skin and understand how to recondition the skin again.

You can be asking yourself the reason why his products are totally different of all the rest, and one particular benefit will be the short amount of time you will need to feel the effects on your skin.

According to Dr Obagi, maintaining healthy skin requires one to deliberately make an effort to prevent the development of such common skin problems as acne, blemish and aging spots.

He based his treatment on the principle that treating the inner part of the skin will inevitably lead to positive results on the outside.

What Sets Apart Obagi Skin Care System?

What makes these treatments so good? Precisely what causes them to be distinctive from all other anti aging remedies? Let's first discuss what is wrong with most of the skin products on the market. The major problem with the rest is that many products sit and work only on the skin's surface meaning that you can get quick results but they won't last.

In order to have healthy younger feeling and looking skin, you need to target the skin at the cellular level.

As soon as one reaches 30 the skin's cellular ability starts decreasing. In other words; cells on the dermis have become lazy, which can be regarded as a natural aspect of the ageing process. Lines and wrinkles take place once the dermis cells become inactive and stop creating collagen and elastin.

When this happens most of the products you put in the skin won't have the desired effect because the ingredients contained in these products won't be able to reach the skin's cells.

Effective ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and peptides will work just briefly.

In order to improve your skin according to Dr. Obagi is by restoring the regular function of the cells. You have to be able to reach deep within the skin and awaken the dermis cells. It's kind of like waking up the cadets at 5am in order to start their training for the day. So once the skin cells get moving again you can notice how your skin improves dramatically.

This skin care system is packed with great amounts of retinol so the cells on your skin are properly feed. This will help to regenerate and renew the cells, and in turn your skin will feel rejuvenated and healthier.

What Is the Obagi Peel?

Obagi PeelObagi skin care blue peel

Worth special mention is Obagi blue peel, a very popular skin care treatment. 

Is one of the most sought after skin peels and it treats melasma, aging skin and acne scars, but at a faster rate than most of the other skincare products.

This is because the primary ingredient of this blue peel is trichloroacetic acid which stimulates rapid peeling of dead skin and rejuvenation of healthy new skin cells.

However, you must use it as per the product instructions indicated because it can have negative effects on the skin if not correctly applied.

Find Your Perfect Solution

Obagi Skin Care SystemObagi skin care for skin problems

All of this may sound fantastic to you, however given that everybody has different skin types there is not a formula that will solve all the skin problems for all skin types.

You should speak to your beauty therapist or skin specialist and discover which products will be most effective for you.

Over more than three decades Dr. Zein has been exercising dermatology, and these days he offers one of the most effective anti-aging systems in the market. This skin care system will help most people, providing you use the right product for your skin type and your skin problem.

Selecting Obagi Skin Care Products

If you are looking to buy Obagi skin care products you can find them on store departments, medical treatments or in the links below. Dr. Zein wants to ensure that each woman can reach a really effective skincare line.

He's got an established type of products which consist of:

Nu Derm Skin Care - The Nuderm system is for all skin types and colours and will fight aged skin bringing back healthy skin. This solution was created to totally redesign your skin. 

Clenziderm - Is a solution that targets the three primary causes of acne and delivers clear, healthy skin that helps stop breakouts before they start.

You can find effective products in the Obagi skin care system to relieve most issues you might have regarding your skin. Have a look at the ones below:

Obagi for acne - Clenziderm Cleanser 2%  Salicylic Acid

Obagi for aging skin and wrinkles- 15% Vitamin C Serum

Obagi moisturizer - Hydrate Facial Moisturizer

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