Top 10 Luxury Beauty Gifts for Women "for Every Occasion"

This list is composed of some amazing (and wish for) luxury beauty gifts for women that are not awfully expensive. If buying a present for your favorite woman is proving difficult have a look at the selected list below. Think thoughtful, beautiful or practical and you have got the perfect gift!

Luxury Beauty Gifts for Women to Consider

These selection of luxury beauty gifts for women will make perfect presents for any occasion but specially appropriate for birthdays, Mother's day, Christmas or St Valentines day. Make her day with one of these unique luxury beauty gifts.

Luxury Beauty Gifts for WomenMake her day with one of these unique beauty gifts for women

1. Clarisonic Mia FIT in Pink

The Clarisonic Mia facial brush  is great to get smoother and cleaner skin on-the-go. Getting rid of oil, dirt or make up just got easier because it can be carried anywhere and be used whenever is necessary. Another plus is that there is no need to worry about running out of battery as it comes with a USB charger.

The system includes a brush, a brush head, and a 30ml cleanser which is specifically formulated for use with the device.

It comes with a cleanser and a brush head to gently remove impurities up to six times more than when using the hands thus helping improve the appearance of the skin by giving it a radiant look. It is also light in weight and has a compact and waterproof design.

The device is very easy to use, just moving the brush gently around the face in small circles will do the job. It is recommended to use speed 2 for everyday use and speed 1 to deeply cleanse the face.

This is a beauty item that is in many women wish list and that will make a practical and mindful gift. To check the Clarisonic price click here.

2. Baby Quasar Skincare Device

If your intended woman loves beauty gadgets you ca't go wrong with this one. Baby Quasar offers an effective, gentle, and safe way to treat wrinkles and get younger looking skin. Pure Rayz uses light technology to stimulate collagen production and enhance elastin. It reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin looking radiant.

It offers excellent facial treatment results because it has four different light wavelengths that penetrate deeper than creams and lotions alone.

These wavelengths are natural, which makes it safe for use with over the counter products, and does not cause extra sun sensitivity.

Pure Rayz treats wrinkles effortlessly and is gentle for use by all skin tones and types. When treating the face using this device, it takes 3 minutes per area which adds up to a total of 15 minutes to treat the whole face.

How to use Baby Quasar: To use it the bright side of the device should be gently pressed on the face and moved in a slow circular motion on each area.

The device has a timer which will notify  the user when it's time to move to another area.

To achieve excellent results with Baby Quasar is necessary to use is for 5 days a week for the first 8 weeks. To see the price click here.

3. Gift Set of 12 Parfumes from Victoria Secret 

Victoria Secret perfumes is the perfect package for women who feel fascinated by its perfumes and find difficult to make a decision on which fragrance to go for.

This luxurious beauty gift set is ideal to sample various fragrances  and help decide which fragrance they would like to purchase in full.

The set is also good for those who prefer having many Victoria Secret perfumes at once and use them for different occasions.

The 12 perfumes included in this beauty gift set are Very Sexy Touch, Dream Angels Heavenly, Very Sexy, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Love Is Heavenly, Body By Victoria, Sexy Little Things Noir, Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold, Incredible, Sexy Little Things Tease, Rapture, and Bombshell.

All the fragrances in this set have amazing scents. For example, Love Is Heavenly has a fragrance that is described with accords such as water lily and mandarin blossom. It has a pink color which reflects its romantic composition.

Dream Angels Heavenly can be described with accords such as cardamom, quince, mandarin, and ivy. It has a thin bouquet which smells like a warm and clean skin of a woman.

Very Sexy perfume has a sensuous and sexy scent of cactus flowers, blackberry, vanilla orchid, clementine, and pimento which is intended to make the user feel sexy.

With such amazing fragrances, women are able to try out various Victoria Secret perfume without spending many hours at the store trying to decide which fragrance suits them best! For price go here.

Gift Ideas for Beauty LoversMake her day with one of these amazing luxury beauty gifts for women

4.  Chanel No 5 Eau De Parfum 

I have many perfumes but Chanel No 5 is the one always on my beauty cabinet.

Chanel No. 5 smells like a composition rather than a single flower.

It's a blend of floras like a rose, jasmine, lily, amber, and sandalwood.

It has an overall smell of fresh soap and powdery floral. It has a complex fragrance that doesn't allow a single fragrant component to be isolated out of the composition.

Chanel No. 5 perfume contains aldehydes that are accompanied by fragrances of jasmine and rose. This aldehyde fragrance is pure and fresh and has a scent similar to fresh outdoor linen.

The creator of this perfume was inspired by his visits to Arctic Circle and the smell of midnight and water.

He was particularly fascinated by the smell of frozen rivers and lakes that he decided to come up with this creation. The perfume is famous due to the celebrities that wore it among them being Marilyn Monroe.

The perfume is perfectly captured in a rectangular bottle with a top that looks similar to Place Vendome in Paris. Chanel No. 5 is one of the best beauty gifts and a symbol of great taste because of its pleasant fragrance and bottle packaging.

If you are looking for a perfume with a powerful composition of floral scent, then Chanel No. 5 is ideal as a gift for a classy lady. See its price here.

5. Top Rated Nano Care Hair Dryer in Pink

The Panasonic Nano Care is one of the most sought after hairdryers in Asia and one of the best gifts for beauty lovers you could offer. The nano technology used on this hairdryer transforms dry and damaged hair into smooth and silky hair in no time. If you want to buy her a drier that dries up hair quickly and makes it less fizzy, then it doesn't get much better than this one.

It has 4 modes which include the skin mode, the scalp mode, intelligent, warm air mode, and hot and cold rhythm mode. It uses 1200W, and its cord length is about 1.7m long.

It has amazing features such as the “nano” technology which makes hair less fizzy and allows to dry your hair without damaging it with the heat.

It has 2 more cool features such as the skin mode option to dry the face and the scalp option to dry the scalp without burning it.

All in all this amazing high end hairdryer works like magic and although more expensive than other models it will make a great investment.

It halves the time invested in drying the hair and it can be folded to fit small suitcases. It will make an ideal luxury beauty gift for women who want silky, smooth and healthy hair. Find out the price here.

6. Nume Octowand Curling Wand Set 

The Nume Octowand is ideal to style hair with ease. It has 8 heat interchangeable barrels that help to create many different styles such as defined curves or gentle curls.

The tourmaline infused ceramic barrels take just seconds to heat up to 450 degrees. The heat barrels can penetrate the hair, lock in the moisture, and add a glow to the hair thus helping keep the curls looking great the whole day.

It has control settings and LED screen. It comes with a nice carrying bag and a heat resistance glove to prevent the fingers from burning. The cord is 7 feet and 9 inches in length and can be rotated for easy handling.

The curling wand will deliver quality curls that look great the whole day. With 8 barrels to chose from sure there is a style for every user. T

he Nume Octowand makes a perfect beauty gift for women who are into hair and enjoy changing their hairstyle often. For the price and reviews click here.

7. High End The Cure Sheer Facial Cream by Natura Bisse

This cream is one of my "secrets" to keep my skin moisturized and one of the best luxury beauty gifts for women you can offer. The Cure Natura Bisse will keep the skin hydrated and radiant all day long. This wonderful cream melts into the skin upon application, leaving the face feeling moisturized and looking beautiful.

It has antioxidant and anti-aging properties which enable it to effectively remove wrinkles and purify the skin. Natura Bisse cream has melanin-like pigments and fillers that protect the skin during the day and is ideal for all skin types.

For effective results, this cream should be used in the morning and apply it by gently massaging on the neck and face until it's fully absorbed.

This cream can also be used as sheer coverage because of its melanin-like pigments and is also effective to protect against environmental damage because it contains filters.

The powerful antioxidants used within Nature Bisse will provide a glow that it will be difficult to find with any other cream.

With the use of this cream wrinkles and dark circles will be less visible, the skin will appear youthful and more radiant.  

Because Nature Bisse The Cure cream is fully absorbed by the skin, it looks and feels great and won't leave your face feeling sticky after application.

Great as a luxury beauty gift for women who take pride on their appearance and want to look fresh with a healthy glow. Click here to see price and read reviews.

8. Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube 

I love this organizer because it comes very handy to store make up, beauty tools, skin care creams, jewellery and even perfumes. Is great to arrange all make-up related items such as powder compacts, lipsticks, brushes, eyeliners and foundations on separate drawers.

It is ideal for those, who like me, have a large make-up collection, so all the make-up addicts don't have to wonder about finding new space each time they buy new products. It is also great to save on space and have a clutter-free dressing table. 

Its amazing features include 4 drawers that easily pull out and 1 storage section that opens with a lid on top. It has rubber markers at the bottom that prevent the drawer from sliding around.

It has a heavy duty acrylic body that prevents it from breaking.

If 4 drawers is not enough there are other choices with 5, 7 and 8 drawers.

It also has luxurious crystal knobs which makes it stand out from the regular make-up organizers.  It is a bit pricey but is of a better quality than cheaper options.

This one is made with durable sturdy acrylic and not plastic. A brilliant beauty gift for women who love their make up. For price click here.

9. 24K Gold Dipped Real Rose 

This golden rose is so beautiful that I have to include it in this selection. I have fallen in love with it and I'm planning to give it to my mum as a gift for her birthday.

It’s made of a real rose that is preserved and plated in pure gold (24K). The rose is 11-12 inches long and is also available in alternate finishes such as silver, and platinum. It comes inside a matching gold gift box with a certificate card.

Each rose is unique which means that no rose is similar to the other.

To make this gold rose, a natural rose is selected when it has fully blossomed.

It is then cut to size and preserved to add strength, longevity, and durability.

After which it is electroformed to prepare it for the gold finish. Finally, it is plated in 24K gold.

The rose feels like it's made of metal and is not heavy.

The petals are firmly attached and feel solid. All this process is made by hand and it takes five days to complete.

Its unique quality makes it ideal as a beautiful gift for special occasions.

I think any woman will be happy to receive such a romantic & exquisite gift. Check price and reviews here.

10. Gift Card 

This is my final choice. If you haven't found anything that you consider suitable, what about a gift card? With a gift card you put a stop to guessing what they want.  

No more wondering what gift you should buy to your loved one. Simply order this gift card with the amount you want to spend (from $10 to $200) and it will be sent to the address of your choice.

The gift card comes inside a pop-up card and has no expiration date or fees. The person receiving the gift card can scan and redeem it with a tablet or mobile device through the Amazon app.

The recipient can choose from the many items available on Amazon. This makes a great way to give your loved ones exactly what they want.

The gift card is packaged in a presentable box and wrapped with a beautiful bow. If you don't like this particular design there are 15 designs more to choose from.

It takes 1-2 days for the gift card to arrive and has no delay once you order it. If you rather buy a gift card that takes seconds to arrive click here.

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