Best Wrinkle Fillers And Topical Products To Fill In Those Lines

As time goes by searching for the best wrinkle fillers have became increasingly popular. The search for a younger looking face is on. If topical products can't produced the desired result many people will end up turning to dermal fillers.

But before rushing out to get your fix of fillers you need to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons because it can happen that the end result is not what we were expecting.

Cosmetic injections are the choice for many of us who are looking for alternative ways to rejuvenate the skin, but don't want to resort to plastic surgery. The results can be seen immediately with most fillers, not to mention that they are cheaper and quicker.

Cosmetic fillers are not only used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles  but to correct scars, and to reshape and give volume to some parts of the face such as lips, cheeks, chin,...

More About Best Wrinkle Fillers

Dermal injections have been around for decades, and because of the advance in technology and the competition between companies to be able to market the best ones, new types of fillers are created often.

Cosmetic Fillers

And more fillers mean more choices. So many choices in fact, that we don't know where to start.

When looking for the best wrinkle fillers do your research first, and as I said before, choose a qualified surgeon, dermatologist or registered nurse, who will give you honest advice about the treatment.

Based on my own experience I will recommend that you see more than one professional, maybe three. Why? Because is better to have a choice. Don't settle for the first consultation and you will avoid disappointment.

Note: There are side effects to facial fillers and the real long term side effects of dermal fillers are unknown, so is up to you to make an informed choice and decision.

Skin Fillers Classification

Wrinkle Fillers

This classification is according to the length of time cosmetic fillers remain in the dermis.

Temporary injectable fillers

Can be derived from collagen (autologo or bovine) and hyaluronic acid (origin animal or synthetic). Can last from three months to one year.

  • Captique

  • Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast

  • Evolence

  • Hylaform

  • Juvederm

  • Perlane- Restylane facial fillers

  • Zyderm I, Zyderm II and Zyplast

Semi permanent cosmetic fillers

Last in the dermis from one year to three years.

  • Alloderm

  • Radiesse or Radiance

  • New Fill or Sculptra

Permanent dermal fillers

Once injected in the skin remain there permanently, although some are removable.

  • Aquamid

  • Artecoll or Artefill

  • Bio-Alcamid

  • Dermalive

  • Evolution or Evolence

  • Gore-Tex

  • Isolagen

  • Silikon 1000

  • Outline

  • Softform

  • Ultrasoft

There are no best facial fillers. The choice of the injectable should be made by yourself and the physician based on your facial features and the look you want to achieve. Write down the things you want to ask the practitioner about the treatment.

Things to consider are:

  • Safety and Effectiveness

  • Is FDA approved?

  • Possible allergic reactions

  • Anaesthetic

  • How long will it last?

  • How many injections you will need?

  • How often you will have to go back for more treatments?

  • How much will it cost?

  • What happens if you are unhappy with the result?

Ask to see before and after photos, that way you will have an idea of what to expect. Is better to start with temporary cosmetic fillers because they last only few months, just in case you are not happy with the result. In the other hand, if you are happy you might want to consider a permanent one.

Don't like needles? Reduce lines and folds with the recommended best topical wrinkle fillers:

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