Top Uses & Benefits of Grape Seed Oil for the Skin

The uses and benefits of grape seed oil are great and varied.

Thanks to its moisturizing properties is used in cosmetics to improve the skin's complexion,  hydrate and diminish wrinkles.

Now let's find out more about grape seed oil benefits.

Throughout the centuries before and after Christ, diverse natural oils and plant based varieties, with their therapeutic medicinal and aromatic powers have been exploited and preserved as the sole monopoly of the higher levels of society.

Benefits & uses of grape seed oil for skin & hairBenefits of grape seed oil in cooking, skin care & hair

History and the Old Testament have it that even the prophet Daniel preferred to keep his health by eating a dish called pulse, from which the grape seed oil is extracted.

Therefore, from time immemorial, there has been an argument about the benefits of the grape seed oil in a human diet.

That this oil is truly a God sent gift from Mother Nature for the proper maintenance of our gentle skins.

In the wine-making process, the grape seeds are normally wasted.

The grape seed oil is born by extracting the oil form these salvaged seeds, giving the wine maker and additional by- which would otherwise have been wasted.

The 21st century saw a steady rise in manufacture of the grape seed oil with increased demand from both the culinary and the cosmetic users from the United States and Europe.

Grape Seed Oil Uses

The grape seed oil is used equally in the food industry, as it is, in cosmetics.

Much care should be exercised while buying grape seed oil, and it is for the food industry you should ask specifically for food grade as some of the cosmetic oil grades are manufactured by a chemical solvent process, which leaves traces of the chemical in the product, which is harmful to consumption.

The food grade, with its well emulsifying properties, finds its way into the manufacture of several dressings, sources and even mayonnaise.

It has a non-pervading odor which gels very well with any combination, and thus finds universal acceptance in the food world.

The wonderful moisturizing properties have captivated it the therapeutic establishments which have publicized reports on the gliding features of this product in massaging.

Benefits of Grape Seed Oil As a Vegetable Oil

If being a by-product of the wine industry does not give sufficient credibility for health, the popularity of grape seed oil as a cooking medium and also as an ingredient in several of the salads, dressings, and toppings are getting highly encouraging reviews, because it is considered high in good fats like GLA and low in bad or saturated facts, and is considered a good friend to heart health.

The ability to withstand high temperature is another great feature of the product which has attracted the attention of the special chefs all around the world. 

10 Benefits & Uses of Grape Seed Oil for the Skin and Hair

Is grape seed oil good for your skin & hair?

How does grape seed oil help the skin? Is effective to treat acne & reduce wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks

1. The odorless nature of the grape seed oil has a wave of followers in aromatherapy where it is a highly effective carrier for the other highly aromatic essential oils which cannot be applied directly to the skin.

In other words, grape seed oil facilitates the process of aromatherapy in a most unobtrusive but efficient way.

2. It also has this wonderful property of facilitating the entry of pure oils into this skin, paving the way for a healthier younger softer skin tone.

Since this oil doesn't block the pores it has no negative effects on skin problems like acne and further acts to enhance skin texture and tone on account of its mildly astringent features.

3. Several acne formulations are known to contain grape seed oil whose vitamin E and antioxidant ingredients are known to battle against skin problems and render them healthy, soft and supple, because its emollient properties help to lock in more moisture into the skin surface.

4. Its protein, vitamins and minerals enrichment is amply suitable for its use in skin-care products like lip balms, facial creams, soaps, bath oils, and cosmetics.

5. Due to its anti-inflammatory power and antioxidant content is beneficial to delay and diminish wrinkles. One of my favorite products is Nugg Beauty Hydrating Face Mask.

Besides grape seed oil it contains Camellia seed oil, Cranberry and Linseed oil, Spirulina extract, Glycerin, Olive and Aloe juice.

It leaves the skin deeply hydrated and feeling luxurious.

6. It is also believed that this oil can help repair and regenerate the scalp and hair, providing strength and shine to the hair.

Just rub some of the oil into the scalp and leave it for ten minutes.

Then, wash your hair as normal.

Some people go as far as to believe that the benefits of grape seed oil can be efficient to treat baldness, but this, of course, hasn't been proved.

In any case, whenever you can, buy organic grape seed oil.

7. Many women use grape seed oil to diminish and eliminate stretch marks and cellulite.

Just massage the oil into the desired area until is absorbed completely.

Repeat every day until you see results.

Grapeseed Oil Benefits for the SkinGrape seed oil for skin and hair

8. It can also be used to remove make-up.

Place few drops of grape seed oil in a cotton ball and use it to remove your make including the eye area.

9. It helps to moisturize dry skin.

Apply on face, body and hands that are dry and in need of moisture.

10. There are people who apply grape seed oil to the eyelashes to help them grow faster but if you do this be careful with your eyes.

I don't know of any scientific proof but some folks swear by it.

One of the best oils around is Beauty Aura 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil. 

Try it and you won't be disappointed.

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