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5 Anti Aging Skin Care Tips & Treatments

Anti Aging SolutionsTop anti-aging treatments for the face

1. Microdermabrasion is an skin care treatment which mission is to exfoliate the skin at a deeper level.

The skin is treated with a device and blasted with very small and rough grains to partially polish the surface layer of skin.

All the action of microdermabrasion treatment takes place at uppermost layer of the skin.

2. Skin needling or derma moving is regularly called "The Natural Botox" due to the fact that it helps the dermis to form natural collagen.

This quite amazing non-surgical treatment created by plastic specialists, empowers new skin development deep inside the skin, where wrinkles and damage live.

3. Diathermy, is a type of physical treatment in which very high heating of tissues is proficient by the utilization of high-frequency electrical current.

The aging process alongside ecological components, for example, sun, wind, hot and chilly climate can bring about the presence of small broken capillaries around the nose and cheeks which are known as thread veins.

They are unattractive and extremely hard to stow away.

In any case, these thread veins, skin tags and milia can very easily be removed by utilizing Diathermy.

Usually one treatment should be enough to get rid of these skin problems. 

4. Another excellent approach to fight wrinkles is to apply scientifically proven anti aging ingredients.

Skin care products with added ingredients like retinol, CynergyTK, peptides and vitamin C stimulate the natural creation of collagen and elastin proteins inside the skin.

For a top rated skin care product containing pure retinol, hyaluronic acid and breakthrough technology fisionwrinkle fix try Pure Biology Enhanced Night Cream for face and neck.

5. Applying a lot of antioxidants to the skin is another ideal approach to delay and minimize wrinkles.

Antioxidants are what protect the skin against free radicals which take electrons from cells, making them unstable and incapable to carry out their typical cell functions.

The body contains numerous natural antioxidants yet their levels diminish as you grow older.

Anti aging skin care products which are very strong and are deep-penetrating antioxidants will greatly help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming.

One of the best antioxidants to keep an eye out for is Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, which is a special nano-form of a natural antioxidant in your body called CoQ10.

It's unique such that it is tiny enough to easily get into up to 7 layers of skin to protect deep down. To boost collagen and elastin production check the top rated NutraNuva Face Food Moisturizer. With CoQ10 and other 14 key ingredients to nourish, renew and repair the skin.

Anti Aging Solutions Sent by Visitors

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What works for me

by Sara
(San Diego)

Sleep on your back to avoid facial and neck wrinkles. Stay out of the sun and exercise. These are simple anti aging tips that work for me.  


by Elena

For me one of the best anti aging solutions that I practice almost every day is exercise. I bought an interval training dvd and after three months I have lost most of my fat and my skin looks more clear. I also take vitamins and try to eat healthy.  


by Emma

No cholesterol -- read that no chance of high bp, plaque buildup or diabetes.

No hormones from the critters they pump full of hormones to make them big and fat -- which in turn make you big and fat from their meat, milk and eggs.

No salmonella

just health. pure and awesome.

African -Women Anti Aging Solutions

by sunshine

Do not wear make up at home.

Do not take so much alcohol.

Use shear butter and massage your joint once a wk.

Use honey and avocado pea to mask the face once a wk.

Drink tomatoes juice once a wk.

Eat less carbohydrate and sugar.

Eat African walnut once wk.

Drink scent leaf water, is high anti oxidative effect.

Sleep for 7hr a night.

Take plenty water.

Take soar sap if available.

U must look great in 2 months.  

Be a vampire!

by Mary

My favorite anti aging tip is to make out like a vampire and stay away from the sun. I am a 42 year old woman with little or no facial lines which I put down to never sunbathing. Being Irish I am pale so would burn easily, so I have always used a suncream of at least 15 SPF - during the summer that goes up to at least 30SPF. It's the best things you can do.


Why You Must Nap Often To Look Fresh, Alert And Young

              from Dr. L Rebello                    

Have a Nap!

Rest is one of the first things to fly out the window when stress builds in our lives. We stay up worrying, working, plotting, or planning.

We stare at the ceiling and wonder what tomorrow will bring. We toss and turn. If we are blessed to get a full night’s sleep, the day’s emotions are so draining that we find ourselves never fully refreshed.

Even if it’s only fifteen minutes, it’s a great thing to lie down, stretch out, and close your eyes. I commit to doing this often, but if I’m honest, I find that it actually only happens once a week.

When I worked from home, it was a little easier to nap after lunch, closing my eyes for ten or fifteen minutes. Today I work in a cabin. Lying down doesn’t go over well, and snoring is even worse. I’ve found this out the hard way.

So we obviously have to be realistic. If you work a full-time job and have to wait until you get home from work, great. If you’re like me and a family is depending on you to connect and prepare a meal after work, then maybe take a little rest time after dinner.

If that’s unrealistic, then give yourself Sunday afternoon to shut the door, stretch out, and close your eyes. In other words, don’t let this be another to-do item that leaves you frustrated because you can’t check it off the list. Just keep in mind the value of rest and nap when you can.

About The Author

Dr. Leroy Rebello is a well established and internationally qualified anti-aging consultant and cosmetologist from Mumbai and a director in Eternesse - He lectures in reputed Institutions such as AIIMS, JIPMER and other Medical Colleges around India. With over 10 Research Papers published in Indexed Journals, Dr. Rebello is continuously researching and developing new treatments and cures. 

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